Each month, we’ll feature a fresh makan place–whether it’s a new outlet of a familiar brand, revamped concept or completely new entrant–for you to guess what/where it is. Correct answers will be entered in a draw to win a dining experience with us!

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Its name means ’house of dreams’ in Japanese, and this special restaurant has been serving food and sake in the Mohamed Sultan area since 2006. Some of their signature dishes include the Unagi Special Maki, Hotate Mayo Yaki and Wafu Steak, enjoyed in the serene ambience of the traditional space.


Makan on BiTES at Yumeya Japanese Restaurant

Where: #01-01, 33 Mohamed Sultan Road
When: 7 December 2015, 7pm
What we ate:
” ¢ Trio of appetisers: Chuuka kurage, ankimo ponzu, ise-ebi salada
” ¢ Sashimi moriawase
” ¢ Ikura chawanmushi
” ¢ Yasai itame
” ¢ Grilled sausage
” ¢ Tempura moriawase
” ¢ Tamago miso shiru
” ¢ California maki
” ¢ Matcha ice cream

While many might spend Monday night recovering from the week’s onslaught of work, Makan on BiTES winners and their dining partners were treated to a nine-course Japanese omakase meal in bar enclave Mohamed Sultan. We dined at Yumeya Japanese Restaurant, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year.

The sashimi was a hit, boasting fresh cuts of maguro, hamachi, amaebi, hotate and beautiful spheres of ikura. The tempura platter was battered and deep-fried a la minute, making for a crisp prelude to the savoury egg drop miso soup. Other dishes of note included delicacy monkfish liver, Okinawa-style stir-fried vegetables and the California maki, a carb course made so tasty with pops of tobiko.

We ended our meal with a refreshing scoop of green tea ice cream, before bidding farewell to the waitstaff dressed in yukata and taking one longing last look at the feature wall of regional Japanese sake near the door. Arigatou gozaimasu, Yumeya!