Find out what are the newest food items and drinks hitting the stores near you in April.

Superlife Co’s new quinoa packs aim to make the South American superfood more accessible. The single-serve 90g packs contain pre- washed quinoa and flavourings, so that all you need to do is mix the ingredients together in a rice cooker with water. In a world first, the quinoa packs come in Asian flavours including basic Mushroom, Japanese and Spicy Curry ($$8.90 each or $49/10 packs) and premium Kimchi and
Thai Green Curry ($9.90 each or $59/10 packs). Order from

Fans of Three Legs Cooling Water can now enjoy their favourite cooling drink in lychee, guava and lime flavours. First created in 1937, the traditional remedy contains natural minerals to relieve body ‘heatiness’. The new flavours commemorate the brand’s 80th anniversary. The lime ($2.20, exclusive at 7-11 stores) is zesty and refreshing, while the lychee and guava flavours ($1.30 at major supermarkets) are fragrant and sweet.

Lipton’s new speciality Discovery Collection ($5.30) celebrates tea destinations from across the world. Each blend hails from a distinct tea drinking region: Europe, South Asia and Java, and features various takes on the classic black and green teas. We love Bombay Bazaar—a fragrant black tea infused with cardamom and spices, and the clever osmanthus-infused Green Gunpowder. Available at all major supermarkets.

Ben and Jerry’s has launched their newest flavour— Vanilla Caramel Fudge, in support of responsible businesses. The ice cream is made from Fairtrade dairy and ingredients as well as cage-free eggs, and features luscious swirls of fudge and caramel in smooth, velvety vanilla ice cream. $13.90, available for a limited time at leading supermarkets.

From the Austrian Alps comes mineral water in a sustainable, resealable can. Meet CanO Water ($50/ carton of 24), available in still or sparkling, with a high pH level of 7.9. CanO comes in an aluminium can, which has the highest recycling rate of any drink on the market—the same can’t be said of plastic bottles. Available direct from