We love Bakerzin‘s Peranakan-inspired premium tote bags as well as its mooncakes’ unique snow skin texture. Standouts include ang ku kueh inspired mung bean and peanut snow skin (within the new Celebration Collection, $68/box of 8pcs) and dry gin yuzu snow skin (Bliss Collection). Early bird: 10% off at its outlets (12-31 Aug). www.bakerzin.com


Don’t miss Crystal Jade‘s Moà«t & Chandon Impérial or Rosé Impérial Champagne mooncakes which come with a 375ml bottle of Moét Impérial Brut ($128/box of 4pcs). Try also the signature mixed nuts and jinhua ham baked skin mooncake and natural sea salt with dark chocolate from Italian chocolatier Icam). Early bird: 20% off (21 Aug to 13 Sep), 10% off (14-27 Sep). www.crystaljade.com


Szechuan Court‘s burgundy box dressed in intricate orchid patterns can be used as a jewellery chest ($88/box). Its new Mid-Autumn gems include yuzu passion snow skin, and Autumn Treasures baked mooncake. We also can’t pass up the longevity peach-shaped single yolk & macadamia nuts in white lotus paste. Early bird: 30% off (till 7 Aug, online orders only); 25% off (8-31 Aug). Both min. order of two boxes. Fairmont Singapore, www.celebrationscentral.com.sg


We’re pining for tcc‘s bestseller java-infused Baileys Amore and new Curacao 87 (both from Royal Elixir mini snow skin). Save the packaging (4pcs box), for it converts easily into a stylish wine carrier, great for those year-end parties. Early bird: Gift Card Special from $48 (till 17 Aug, U.P. $55-65/box), from 15% off (18 Aug to 6 Sep). theconnoisseurconcerto.com


Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant‘s special orders include Teochew yam paste with single egg yolk and low sugar white lotus seed paste with four egg yolks (from $68/4pcs). Try also Xin’s signature mini egg custard with egg yolk mooncake, housed in a box featuring 50 Vanda Miss Joaquim (Singapore’s National flower, $54/box of 6pcs) Holiday Inn Singapore
Atrium, Tel: 6731 7173