These pretty desserts are perfumed with jasmine, rose and lavender.

Through the months of Nov and Dec, nine local bakeries come together under the aegis of Anchor, the dairy brand from New Zealand, to put forth nine brand-new confections that incorporate Anchor products (butter, whipping cream, cream cheese) as well as tea and floral elements.

The initiative, dubbed It’s Cake Time!, also has a lucky draw component. Whether you buy a whole cake or just a slice (a whole cake increases your chances, of course), you stand to win a trip to New Zealand.

Our favourites among the nine are:

  • Rive Gauche‘s Osmanthus Lychee Mousse Cake—Flavours and textures are beautifully balanced between the layers of vanilla sponge, osmanthus mousse and lychee cream jelly.
  • Swee Heng‘s Lavender Earl Grey Cake—This simple cake, also the most affordable in the series, comprises chocolate and vanilla sponge layers swathed in frosting perfumed with earl grey and lavender.
  • Bakery Cuisine‘s Apple Rose Cake—Fluffy rose-infused sponge contrasts crunchy apple crisps while the sourness of raspberries cuts through the sweetness of the Bundt cake.


Here is the full parade:

Osmanthus Lychee Mousse Cake by Rive Gauche (whole $40)

Lavender Earl Grey Cake by Swee Heng (whole $28.80)

Apple Rose Cake by Bakery Cuisine (whole $38)

Gluten-free Orange Lavender Tea Cake by Baker & Cook (whole $36, slice $6)

Marigold Secreto by Swissbake (whole $42.90)

Rose Lychee Cake by Barcook (whole $42, slice $6.90)

Strawberry Rose Cake by Dora Keiki (whole $38)

Osmanthus Ondeh Ondeh Cake by D’Pastriez (whole $38, slice $5.90)

Jasmine Tea Mousse Cake by Mugiya (whole $28.80)