Our editor reports on an innovative hairy crab home delivery service

Chef friends have been raving about the hairy crab from Premium Seafood, or better known through their Facebook page as Hairy Crab At Home. I ordered a Silver Mixed Package ($108 with free delivery) of three females (125g) and three males (150g) and immediately started worrying. Are the crabs the real deal from Lake Taihu? Would they be fresh on arrival? Would I mess up the cooking?

All anxieties vanished when Premium Seafood’s co-founder, Lee Yuan Rong, showed up. He personally delivers the stash in a cool box, and together we check that all the crabs are alive: alert darting eyes and wriggly limbs. Lee further advises on how to store the crab if not eaten within the day, and hands over a detailed instruction sheet on cooking and eating the right way. Lee and his business partner Jason Xie are fresh graduates, who saw the gap in the market for affordable delicacies such as hairy crab for the home.

The crabs (in three sizes) are at least half the price of what you pay in restaurants, and come with health certificates from the upper section of Lake Taihu in China. I also find out that their family is in the seafood business, so they are well-versed in handling fresh seafood. The proof is in the eating, and using the provided dried perilla leaves, this first-timer managed to perfectly steam the cache of crabs. The roe from the female is deep orange, firm and sweet, while the milt from the male is lighter orange and gooey, with bitter and sweet flavours. It was so good, I ordered another round.

Hairy crab season lasts till approximately end of November. Tel: 8113 4232, www.facebook.com/hairycrabathome