Watch out! Superhero-themed cafes are coming to town

Top image: Superhero Concept Cafe


Hungry Heroes brands itself a restaurant/deli cum decorative art retailer/consultancy (Art Art and Away, upstairs), but we’d add another: a superhero museum. The impressive memorabilia’s a personal (i.e. not for sale) collection–you’ll find figurines, busts, life-sized statues of Superman, Thor and Iron Man. Speaking of iron, we love the meaty menu: there’s Meat Fury’s signature pork ribs ($16/30) and The Juggernaut ($188, serves 8-10 pax), a platter of ribeye, lamb rack, sirloin,
pork ribs, pulled pork, sausages, de-boned chicken leg, honey glazed ham, veal osso bucco and beef stew.

Mon-Fri 4pm-12am, Sat 11am-12am, Sun 11am-11pm. 33 Tessensohn Road. Tel: 6295 5401


Choose from a selection of fuss-free bentos at Superhero Concept Café (we tried the $8 Lasso of Truth, dry ramen with your choice of chicken, salmon or prawn), Sidekicks (we chose to Time Travel with the generous $7 otah omelette), Villainous Desserts and beverages. Everything’s cooked with olive oil and purified water. Should anything on display (Batman bobbleheads, DC T-shirts) catch your fancy, scheme with your wallet to make the collectible yours. Work nearby or have an office pow wow? There’s delivery too (minimum order of $50).

Mon-Fri 11.30am-7pm. 37A Boat Quay. Tel: 8228 4334