You get a croissant, you get a croissant, everybody gets a croissant!

Chocolate croissant lovers, a new treat is in town. PrimaDéli is about to introduce a KIT KAT chocolate croissant. Yes, that’s right—flaky crust enveloping a whole KIT KAT stick.

The bakery chain is all set to flood the island with chocolate croissants tomorrow, 24 Aug 17. From 12 to 3 pm, head down to any of their 42 outlets (excluding KK Hospital), where over 10,000 pieces will be given out for free.

After the launch, the KIT KAT chocolate croissant will be available at $2.40 apiece or $5.50 for three pieces.

We’ve had a taste of the new creation, and it certainly gets a thumbs up. Try it for yourself tomorrow! It’s free anyway, right?