Amongst its huge catalogue of titles, Netflix has been streaming many shows that are catered specifically for food lovers. Here are 3 great new shows to look out for!

Chef’s Table Season 3

From comfort food to more exotic dishes, Chef’s Table takes you on a journey into a gastronomical whirlwind of flavours spanning across borders and seas. Focusing on both the food and the lives of the world’s best chefs inside and outside of the kitchen, the series treats food as an art form in itself. Directed by David Gelb (writer of critically acclaimed documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi), readers will be happy to know that the latest season focuses on more affordable restaurants. The chefs featured include Jeong Kwan, a 60-year-old Buddhist nun who cooks in a temple in South Korea, Virgilio Martinez, who showcases the massive range of Peruvian ingredients in his Central restaurant in Lima, and Nancy Silverton, who redefines California’s Italian cuisine. Chef’s Table Season 1-3 are currently streaming on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Food is a beautiful thing that many people bond over, more so than memories and stories. Based on a manga, a sense of peace comes over us knowing that our favourite characters are getting over some of their hardest struggles in life. Intersperse this with tantalizing close-ups of omu-rice, ramen, and tonteki, and you’re all set for a binge spree that will leave you a little more introspective and give you a newfound appreciation for comfort food. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories is currently streaming on Netflix

Samurai Gourmet

As compelling as Samurai Gourmet’s live-action adaptation of Manga Nobushi-no-Gourmet can be, it is definitely the detailed preparation of each dish that is the true delight to watch. The show follows Takeshi Kasumi, a recently retired businessman who discovers that the quest for amazing food not only makes him feel alive but also ignites a dashing younger persona inside of him known as the Wandering Samurai. An amalgamation of food and history (interesting mix), the series features everything from comfort food to pasta Japanese style. If only we could have a taste! Samurai Gourmet is currently streaming on Netflix