Health food and a new patisserie

Top image: Les Delices


If you’re cutting carbs and need a Paleo option, check out Spinacas (, or spinach in Spanish, for healthy and speedy salad deliveries. Protein options include Moroccan spiced chicken and BBQ pulled pork, while vegetarians can choose the sesame tofu patties and ratatouille (from $11, min. $30/order, limited locations for delivery). Also check out Zero Cuisine‘s ( instant cauliflower mash (US$10.90 or about $15/four servings) in garlic, herbs and sea salt or wasabi and chives. To prepare each 60-calorie serving, boil 120ml of water and add three tablespoons of the dehydrated product to it. Shipping’s free.


The elegance of this pastry shop covered in white and gold stands out in stark contrast to the surrounding neighbourhood. Les Delices pairs their cakes and choux pastries such as the Heavenly Chocolate Dome ($10.90) and Earl Gray Choux ($5.90) with premium Chinese teas to bring out even more flavour. The pastry chef trained in France and these delicacies that are often inspired by personal events have been painstakingly created to suit the local palate. #01-14 333
Kreta Ayer Road. Tel: 6536 8087