Affordable french foods, vegetarian poké bowl, sake galore and more. What a time to be alive.

Lumine Café

Fashionistas and foodies alike can head over to Lumine Café, housed within the newly launched Japanese department store, Lumine. Enjoy extravagant smoothie parfaits featuring fruits sourced from Japan, while surrounded by Tokyo’s colourful fashion pieces as well as art from Japanese and Singaporean artists. For a limited time only, the cafe will be serving the Melon Medley ($18.90), a layered treat made with musk melons air flown from the Shizuoka prefecture. #02-20, Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street. Tel: 6224 0959


Non-meat eaters can now enjoy poké bowls too! Vegetarian eatery Greendot‘s vegetarian salmon poké bowl contains less than 500 calories, and is chock-full of healthy ingredients that are good for you. Konnyaku salmon slices are added along with your choice of brown or short-grain sushi rice, marinated shimeji mushrooms, QQ tofu, soy floss and seaweed. Mix in pineapple, pickled Japanese cucumber, cranberries, nutty cashews and sesame seeds, and you’ll have a guilt-free burst of flavour in each bite.


Casual French eatery Saybons celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special menu, available till 31 January. Enjoy affordable French cuisine like the classic French onion soup ($8) with cheesy bread, juicy escargot gratin with three cheeses ($11 for half dozen), and a seafood risotto ($17.90) topped off with an onsen egg. Paying homage to their humble beginnings as a crepe and soup stall, Saybons’s menu also includes a Beetroot Crêpe with Sous Vide Chicken ($6.90), and a Rum & Raisin Flambeed Crêpe ($9). Wash them down with “10 Years in Shots” ($10), a sampler of their 10 soup creations over the years.


Santap serves wholesome rice bowls filled with cauliflower florets and wholegrain brown rice. A crowd favourite is their lamb rice bowl ($15), featuring premium cut lamb and greens, topped with mint chutney for a rounder flavour. Their sandwiches, like their signature chuck meatballs sandwich ($15), are assembled with artisanal bread and pair well with their specialty coffee offerings. This foliage-themed bistro comes complete with indoor and al fresco tables, so you know where to go for your next brunch date. 16 Madras Street. Tel: 8245 6284

Big Sake Bar

Big sake bar

Go beyond the usual izakaya fare at Big Sake BarNihonshu aficionados, owners Daniel Kwok and Jeremy Goh, offer a quaint corner with lip-smacking Japanese comfort foods, along with a extensive selection of exquisite sakes. The best seats in the house is right in front of Chef Andy, who makes an elevated version of the Pi Tan Tofu ($5), topped with tenkasu (tempura bits) for an added texture against the creamy century egg sauce as well as, the 5 Kind Sashimi Platter ($26), featuring a lightly seared salmon, tuna, Japanese grilled egg, yellowtail and swordfish. Keep a look out for the Negitoro Don, a bowl of minced otoro (fatty tuna) topped with a creamy, raw egg. As for the sake, we recommend the Nabeshima “Pink Label” ($188/1.8L), a tokubetsu honjozo (referring to sake where a small amount of alcohol is added to the fermenting sake mash) from Saga, Japan. It carries an inviting sweet floral nose, and ends with a slight effervescence perfect with the many dishes served. 302 Beach Road, Concourse Skyline, #01-02. Tel: 6291 2700

Jamie’s Deli

Jamie's Deli

Weekdays just got a little easier with Jamie’s Deli. The kiosk, located just outside Jamie’s Italian at Vivocity, doles out delectable pastries, sandwiches, pizzas and hearty salads, alongside the much-needed caffeine boost, every weekday, from 8.30am till 9pm.

Breakfast will see a variety of fresh bakes, such as the Dark Chocolate Croissant ($3.60) or a gratifying Caramel Soft Centered Muffins ($3.60), alongside wholesome options like the Baked Oat and Banana Protein Square ($3.60). Come 11am, the lunch crowd can dig into a plethora of vibrant salads, sandwiches ($9.60) and pastas. Not to be missed is the Big Fat Greek Salad ($5.50 for small; $8.50 for large), which features a colourful combination of lettuce, cucumber, tomato and a generous showering of feta cheese. 1 Harbourfront Walk, #1-165-167 VivoCity. Tel: 6733 5500