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On top of their decadent seafood classics at Long Jiang Chinos, the brand opens a new concept along Clarke Quay. Chef and co-founder Francis Chong sits down with us to tell us more about the extravagant seafood noodles and congee dishes unique to Long Jiang Classic Noodles & Congee.

Long Jiang Classic Noodles & Congee

Cereal & Multigrain Porridge (left) and Lobster with Conpoy Porridge (right).

What makes Long Jiang Classic Noodles & Congee different from Long Jiang Chinos?

Chinos continues to build a strong following for luxurious seafood dishes. Long Jiang Classic Noodles & Congee focuses on porridge. We use a traditional Chao San cuisine method where the raw rice grains are cooked for up to 30 minutes with seafood stock and dried scallops, before adding fresh seafood for that final touch of umami. Unlike the thick, creamy Cantonese-styled congee, the texture is silkier with a distinct aroma of freshly boiled rice.

How did the late-night concept for Long Jiang Classic Noodles & Congee come about?

Fellow chefs like me have a hard time finding a place to kick back and relax after work. Supper places in Singapore are rare, let alone one serving good, comfort food like us. Just the other night, we hosted over 40 people from the Society of Chinese Cuisine Chefs. It’s not uncommon to see some of Singapore’s more notable chefs here at night. It also serves to satisfy the crowd in Clarke Quay.

How did your many awards and accolades help shape your menu?

My best experiences come from competing as a team, especially when the theme and ingredients are a mystery. All my team and I could do was to spend the months honing our culinary skills and exploring new dishes. This translates over to the business side of things as we have been trained to use the ingredients we have on hand to create fantastic dishes, no matter what the guests ask for.

Long Jiang Classic Noodles & Congee

Seafood Stir-Fried Crispy Rice Noodle

Any dish the guest asks for?

Aside from the main menu, I have my own repertoire of “specials”. Regulars know it well, but anyone could just call in a day in advance to make special orders. We have a nourishing herbal Crocodile Soup that has proven rather popular. If I have the ingredients, I can cook any style of crab, lobster or prawns. I can do a smoked duck dish as well, where the skin is addictively crispy with succulent tender flesh.

If you were described as a food, what dish would you be?

The Signature Ocean Treasures Porridge. All I want is for diners to enjoy the comforting flavours we grew up and fell in love with, with utmost quality.

What’s next for Long Jiang Jiang as a brand?

My dream is to take the brand overseas! Long Jiang has what it takes to become a worldwide brand, and everyone should be able to enjoy these comforting flavours wherever they may be.

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