Get juiced and get reading.

Try The Syndicate Juice Co.‘s nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit cold-pressed offerings (from $90 for a sixpack), the brainchild of certified yoga instructor Ann Loh and two of her friends. On the e-commerce site, it’s all straightforward-sounding (and urging) names like Detox Me! (green juices), Beets Me! (root juices), White Out! (almond milk blend) and Sun Salute! (banana smoothie
blend). Detox programmes available.


Supported by the National Heritage Board, Bollywood Veggies (check out our locavore cover story) has launched The Kampong Garden: Ways of the Gentle Warriors, written by Carolyn Ortega. It’s a paean to growing edible gardens, encouraging our future generations to be more aware of overconsumption, with a focus on sustainability and the environment. The book also profiles five ’warriors’ including Malini Sripicharn from Singapore Gardening Society, and Derrick Ng from Generation Green.