www.tiongbahru.market We know you’re familiar with the #hipster Tiong Bahru neighbourhood and all its cafes. The central attraction, however, is the beloved market. Enter this detailed directory by branding and design studio Bravo–don’t know what to eat? That’s why we love its food generator feature!

www.you-cookit.com You don’t need to be a master chef or a star supermarket shopper to nail this one. You Cook It delivers gourmet baskets with pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step instructions for your next homecooked meal. We’ll start with a smoked salmon cheesecake with salted cucumber ($27/two pax), whip up a ribeye steak with a soy, ginger and spices marinade ($46/two pax) and end with a chocolate and raspberry fondant ($16/two pax).

#PLAYWITHOREO With new tropical flavour Coconut Delight ($1.59/1.95), you’ll want to get hands-on with OREO’s new campaign. De-stress and find your inner child by exploring imaginative ways to enjoy the cream cookie (remember twist and dunk?). www.oreo.asia