Happening from 26 May to 24 June, this gigantic market is the best place to break-fast and load up on goodies for Hari Raya Puasa.

Ramly burgers, giant fried squid and churros? That’s so passé. This year’s edition of Singapore’s largest pasar malam at Paya Lebar (there’re over 1000 stalls!) brings you a selection of new eats including a juicy slider, raclette cheese, Thai milk tea softie and tacos. Mmhm—sedap!

21 Sliders

This new kid on the block makes juicy bite-size burgers sexy. The team is young and, literally, from the “scene” (if you’re a millennial above 21 years old that is). Their pre-marketing video and Instagram coverage is hot and features people from all walks of life including a tattoo artist, drag queen, club DJ and even 2015 Miss Singapore, Lisa Marie White. Their sliders are priced at $3.50 a pop with delicious combinations like buttermilk fried chicken with caramelised tangy ketchup doused over savoury sautéed mushrooms.

Dendeng Duo

Turn your deng deng ($5/100g) from a snack to a full meal and have it as a burger or a taco. The Taco Dengdeng ($2 for 5) features a crispy taco stuffed with their deng deng, lettuce and tomato salsa. While the burger option ($3.50) comes complete with a fluffy burger bun, slathered in mayo and chilli and topped with lettuce and chicken floss.

Loco Loco

Best known for their churros, Loco Loco has expanded their selection of delicious bites to bring to you Thai Milk Tea Soft Serve, made using Cha Tru Mue. Definitely the perfect treat to hold in hand as you brave through the crowd and heat.  Loco Loco will also be serving beef, and chicken scotch eggs, with a side of prawn crackers and Peking duck sauce.

Fairyfloss Singapore

Specialising in everyone’s favourite carnival snack, this stall hand-pulls their own candy floss, which comes in a variety of flavours including grape, peach and mango. For a light treat, get their candy floss burrito. The sweet delight reminds us of the traditional beard candy snack we love so much. All new on their menu is the fairy puff, which features velvety ice cream stuffed in the old school rainbow bun.

The Raclette Factory

We can never say no to cheese, especially when it’s melted French raclette served piping hot onto a plate of gourmet chicken sausages and pan-fried baby potatoes. Scraped fresh each time you order, this makes for the perfect Boomerang shot.