Who: Daniel Goh and Esther Lim (danandesther.tumblr.com)

Blogging together since: 2007, a year before they got married. “Esther was looking for a written
recipe; I told her why not put it online? It’s easier to search and share.”  Their blog’s just for fun and not for ads.

Couple time: Daniel runs The Good Beer Company and 99 Bottles (“the graveyard shift” ), while Esther works office hours in HR. “I don’t see Daniel much the entire week, except Monday nights (his off day). Sometimes I help out on Friday, Saturday. We cook a lot together on weekends for the week’s meals.” 

The way to the heart: Food. Hanging out often at a church friend’s home, he’d cook and she’d make dessert. E quips, “If I couldn’t cook, would he marry me? He wouldn’t even date me.” 

Different tastes: Coffee for him, tea for her. They both love chilli, but for her it’s the fresh, sharper kind and for him it’s the mellow, earthy ones with back heat.

So romantic …not: (Picture-taking) D: “Want to do the feeding one? E: “Ewww!”  (V’Day plans) E: “We definitely don’t go out. No, no, no surprises. I plan everything.”  D: “She hates surprises.” 

Then V’day how? D: “Usually for special occasions, we cook, but with more premium ingredients.”  E: “Last round he got some A4 wagyu and foie gras. We paired this with Japanese rice.” 

Being a hawker: E: “Mum thinks he’s penniless.”  D: “Sometimes she’ll buy groceries for us… so we’ll cook it up and send the meal to her house.”  They know of teenagers who’ve never set foot in a hawker centre before, let alone eaten laksa.

Pet peeves: Food bloggers/writers who know nuts about food, misrepresent it, or are overpretentious.E: “Someone insisted on Fine de Claire oysters at a regular buffet.”  D: “Sexist beer ads, and snobbishness creeping into the craft beer industry.” 

Ultimate comfort food: E: Very good wagyu beef. D: Potatoes, and a shot of whisky before bed.

Don’t offer them: E: Weird stuff like deep-fried tarantulas. D: Phobia of slimey okra.


The buffet: The Grand Astor Afternoon Tea Dance with Live Band at Brasserie Les Saveurs, The
St. Regis Singapore ($59++ per person, Sat 3-5pm)

Time of visit: 10 January, 3pm

Strategy: D: “Start with the sweets, less emphasis on savouries. Few high tea places devote a section to scones, clotted cream, jams… cheese selection could be more robust.”  E: “I go for what I want (chocolates, pralines).” 

The music: (A female vocalist and a male singerpianist) D: “Doesn’t gel with the overall experience… just a really fab violinist or piano combo would do. Music plays on your psychology even at a buffet.”  E: “Vibe is poppish, upbeat.” 

Romantic? D: “The crepe station’s perfect for a date.”  E: “Spice it up with fresh cut strawberries.”  D: “More emphasis on the wines and spirits, not just the champagne.”  E: “There’s a private alcove with a curtain.”  D: “Shall I show you my eclair?” 

Come here for… Serious conversations to solidify the relationship. Or if she has a problem to

Best dish: Scones for him, chocs for her.

Not on their minds: The sushi (out of place).

Could be better: Choux pastry and the presentation of dainties on the three-tiered silver
stand (barely touched).

Most memorable: The setting. Tasteful with gold accents, posh with velvet couches and middlehigh tables. Seats that “hug”  you.

How many BiTES?
Taste: 3.75/5
Value for money: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4.65/5