The biennial event from 12 to 15 April across 10 halls at Singapore Expo attracted 72,000 industry professionals, exhibitors and competitors congregating at this single location. At the largest food and hotel event yet in Southeast Asia, the platform was set for myriad networking and transactional deals, intense competition at the Asian Pastry Cup where the Singapore team emerged champion, to the FHA Culinary Challenge and the new CTI Latte Art Duel. BiTES walked around to sniff out a few highlights for you.

1. Halal Supermarket

A first for FHA, the halal supermarket was a hit with its slew of halal-certified products. We discovered unique produce including the world’s first Japan halal-certified miso from Hikari Miso, as well as delicious charcuterie cuts from Indoguna–both of which aren’t distributed in Singapore yet (someone, please bring them in!). More halal dishes are also set to enter the market including Malaysian-owned Ezee meals, who will be launching their frozen home-styled dishes like their piquant Bukhara Briyani Chicken, possibly in Mustafa this year.

2. Tasty Singapore

Under the bright red banner of Tasty Singapore, the popular Mr Bean introduces new soya ice cream flavours like dark chocolate, blueberry bliss, salted gula Melaka and durian. P.S. Their new lemongrass soya milk drink will be in stores anytime now.

3. Nippon Go

Participating for the fifth time this year, the Japan Pavilion saw a 70% increase compared to the previous edition, with showcased items like colourful marine collagen beads, yuzu pepper which provides that wakeup punch, temari sushi that comes in bite size portions which can be easily defrosted for your anytime sushi cravings, and much more.

4. Cocoa Treats

From the land where sheep outnumbers people, New Zealand-owned Spring Sheep Milk Co. brings sheep milk gelato in well-loved flavours like dark chocolate and vanilla. Boncafé caught our attention with a preview of iChoco, their latest refreshing canned beverage available in milk and dark chocolate–look out for it in regional markets in the third quarter. We also enjoyed our daily cuppa from their friendly Segafredo baristas– thanks guys!

5. Drink Up

Soon to replace the coconut fad, is Sealand Birk water from Canada, a 100 percent organic birch sap drink with natural vitamins and minerals. Nature’s own tree water anyone? Over at Monin, we were dazzled by the creative syrup flavours ”“ think creamy pandan, buttery popcorn and roast pumpkin–which tasted natural and rich.