Eat surrounded by Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Noctis and grab some Final Fantasy merchandise at the new Dissidia Final Fantasy NT pop-up cafe.

Final Fantasy fans, hurry on down to the brand-new Dissidia Final Fantasy pop-up cafe. Launched today, the cafe will be open until 10 February, and in conjunction with the upcoming launch of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on Playstation 4 (30 January), fans have the chance to try out the game on one of their three trial stands, as well as purchase merchandise.

Watanabe Coffee on Orchard Road has been transformed into a Final Fantasy dream, with plushies of Moogle, Cactuar, Cloud Strife, Squall Leonhart and Lightning greeting you at the entrance. Behind them is a board with the faces of all the main characters and heroes from each of the 15 games, and the inside of the cafe is filled with life-sized cardboard cutouts of Sephiroth, Noctis, Squall and more. There’s even a television playing clips from the game.

Look at those cute plushies, who wouldn’t want to bring one home?

Chow down on their Moogle Curry & White Stew, which comes with a special drink if bought as a set ($28.90, available from 11am onwards daily). Choose between the Moogle and the Materia; the former a pretty peach flavoured drink, with strawberry syrup, topped with whipped cream and a cherry; the latter a brightly coloured green and blue mix of pineapple juice, calpis, blue curacao, ice and topped with a cherry. Both drinks are very sweet, but still refreshing.

The Moogle Curry tastes like your standard, ready-made Japanese curry, and has been fashioned into a cute Moogle face, with a cherry tomato for the nose and seaweed for the eyes. The cream stew was also pretty standard – it includes broccoli, carrot and prawns. If you’d rather go for Watanabe’s normal menu, a la carte is available from 11am onwards daily.

The refreshing Materia, cute Moogle Curry, and the Moogle drink at the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Cafe.

While we were a little disappointed with their limited menu, being surrounded by our favourite Final Fantasy characters made up for it. So did the cute Chocobo piggy bank on our table – we noticed other tables had Cactuar plushies on them.

The game’s producer, Ichiro Hazama, and the director, Takeo Kujiraoka flew in from Japan to attend the launch, explaining how heroes and villains from all the games in the Final Fantasy universe are playable, in three-on-three battles, as well as some mystery characters.

(Left) Producer Ichiro Hazama and director Takeo Kujiraoka at the launch. (Right) Screens playing clips from Dissidia.

Giveaway items for customers include posters from Final Fantasy XIV Online, Watanabe Coffee featuring Dissidia Final Fantasy NT drink coasters, and five different PSN avatars to be given each week.

The Dissidia Final Fantasy NT pop-up cafe is open everyday, from 8am to 10pm (Sun – Thurs) and 8am to 11pm (Fri, Sat, eve of public holidays).

Watanabe Coffee, 350 Orchard Road Shaw House, #01-00 Isetan Scotts. Tel: 6235 0608.