Who: Karen Wee (www.superfinefeline.com)

Blogging since: 27 September 2006. Moniker given by a close friend due to her cat-like movements.

On cats: Rescued a stray near Brewerkz with a broken hip and a “run-over”  tail. After a trip to the vet, the B&W feline was named Oreo, but ran away after six months.

Counting coffees: Eight cups of latte in a day while working on a story for a women’s magazine.

Parlez-vous franà§ais? Studied French in university as part of her European Studies course.

Fave haute dish: Artichoke black truffle soup from the now defunct Guy Savoy Singapore.

Most expensive meal ever: Dallmayr (restaurant side instead of bistro) in Munich. “The menu was a scroll with a wax seal. I thought, ’siao liao’.”  Lunch cost ┚ ¬180.

Current fave chef: Paul Longworth of Rhubarb le Restaurant for his pigeon leg confit and panfried breast with rhubarb and rose purée, grapes ’a la Aussignac’.

Fear factor chow: In Guangzhou, friends ordered a stew bubbling with chicken testicles (“as big as fishballs, squishy with fluid inside!” ), fish intestines and cow’s vagina. Ate, with the help of chilli and whisky.

Ultimate comfort food: Fishball noodles with homemade chilli and meekia.

Don’t offer her: Ketchup, durian, bugs, offal (can only tahan foie gras), beer (craft beer like Hitachino Nest is OK), octopus, certain pork (some has boar taint), instant coffee.

Fine dining pet peeves: Cold bread, not changing cutlery after each course.

Flavours of X’mas: Eggnog and mulled wine. Definitely Starbucks’ Toffee Nut Latte.


Christmas Luncheon


The buffet: Crustacean Celebrations dinner buffet at 10 at Claymore at Pan Pacific Orchard,
Singapore ($68++ per person, daily 6-10.30pm, ended 30 Nov 2014)
Time of visit: 14 November, 7pm
Note: At press time, Christmas buffet was not yet available, but the hotel kindly prepared a showcase of their festive specials (available from 1 Dec 2014).

Strategy: Sashimi (only salmon, tuna and swordfish), oysters, salad and cold cuts (iberico and
salami, please), soup (especially lobster bisque, but never minestrone), a strict selection of cooked food (live stations, certain starches, a la minute dishes), cheeses (“I love the creamy and the stinky). If there’s still tummy room: a scoop of ice cream; raspberry sorbet if available. “I’ve actually been here a few times. Coffee is good too; the Penang dishes (hae mee, laksa and char kway teow) are must-haves.” 

Best dish: Always the char kway teow. American Maine lobster spiced with kam heong, and
Australian Riverland tenderloin in balsamic red wine were pretty good too.

Not even on her mind: Most of the cooked food. “At a buffet, the dishes are usually sitting
around for some time and that could alter the taste, so I prefer to order from live stations or the a la minute Plates of Pleasure menu.” 

Shouldn’t have ordered: The lamb was too dry.

An X’mas buffet’s gotta have: Gammon ham

How many BiTES?
Taste: 3/5
Value for money: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5