These brands are putting the cool into old-school.

Well-loved heritage brand of 49 years, Jack’s Place, rolls out a refreshed menu, led by its third-gen owners. Try new menu items special eye fillet steak ($31.50, topped with fresh asparagus and black mushroom sauce), Jack’s Best beef stew in trendy mini casserole ($18, served with mash and seasonal veg) and the New Jack’s cheese fondue sampler platter ($16). It’s one of the best places to satisfy your bovine craving: the 100 percent grass-fed chilled beef is directly imported from New Zealand, sans hormones and antibiotics; the lean
cuts (80 percent less total fat) contain more conjugated linoleic acid, Vitamin E, beta carotene, and 30 percent less cholesterol. Oh, and don’t forget their salted egg lava chocolate pudding ($7.90).


There’s a contemporary twist at Nan Hwa Fishboat, the oldest fish head charcoal steamboat (since 1927). Add on fresh Atlantic codfish slices ($20) to your regular fish head steamboat ($38 for grouper, small) that’s prepared upon order. Shabu-shabu each firm, but not too fatty piece in the soup, which is full of silky, sweet and rich goodness. What’s the secret? Ti poh or dried sole fish, a Teochew condiment, the owner reveals, beaming with pride. Other old-school tze char dishes include salted egg pork ribs, braised pig’s intestines ($8/10/12), fried pork belly with fermented red beancurd and a fluffy oyster omelette. 812/814/816 North Bridge Road. Tel: 8613 2732