Have your coffee and eat it too.

Old Chang Kee and Curry Times unifies our love for a good old cup of kopi’o with our favourite comfort foods this December – Chicken Kopi’O puff ($1.80/piece) and Kopi Chicken Rice ($10.80 with a cup of soya bean). The BiTES team, fuelled by our love for caffeine, heads down to the nearest store for a taste test!

Chicken Kopi’O

Old Chang Kee

Chicken Kopi’O puff ($1.80)

Beyond the buttery crust of Old Chang Kee’s iconic puffs hides a juicy filling of chicken and mushrooms. The earthy flavour of the mushrooms paired off well with surprisingly sweet coffee sauce. The aroma of the coffee is noticeably absent, but its bittersweet flavour does present itself after the second bite. While the overall flavour is pleasant, we all agree that it could have done with a bolder sauce. Not only did the mushrooms and crust eventually overwhelm what little coffee flavour the filling had, the bits of chicken were not given enough time to soak in the sauce.

Kopi Chicken Rice

Curry Times

Kopi Chicken Rice ($10.90)

Fans of coffee pork ribs will adore this rendition. The chicken is fried briefly for a crisp outer skin before being tossed in a strong, fragrant coffee sauce. The decadent chicken skin soaks up the sweet yet bitter gravy, reminiscent of an old school kopi (the absent o denotes the condensed milk). It is best savoured with a spoonful of white rice and the fried garlic slices. What was missing are some sliced red chillies to cut through the heaviness, but otherwise a simple, well executed dish.

The Kopi Chicken Rice from Curry Times won, hands down.

It was exactly like what’d you expect of the dish, with its savoury notes and interplay of sweet and bitter like a luscious cup of milk coffee.

The Chicken Kopi’O puff and Kopi Chicken Rice will be available at Old Chang Kee and Curry Times till 31 December, respectively.