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Order will soon be knocking on the door of our beloved chaotic city, Bangkok. Come year end, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will be doing a citywide sweep of street vendors, from food stalls to clothing shops. Unlike their previous attempts, this clean-up is set to take effect throughout the entire city including Sukhumvit, Yaowarat, Thonglor and Khao San.

Photo by J Aaron Farr,

While this may eventually be a good thing for Bangkok, we can’t help but feel  it is stripping away the charm of the metropolis. After all, how can Bangkok retain its unofficial title as a street food capital if there are no longer any push carts touting their goodies?

Nonetheless, our woes will be kept to a minimum, as indulgence of street food is still possible at the massive markets such as Chatuchak and Rod Fai. Let’s just hope they will never take those away too.

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