Adrian Seet is founder and editor of consumer lifestyle blog SUPERADRIANME and ex-corporate marketer. He comments on food, wrinkles and the Friday evening buffet at Flavours at Zhongshan Park.

Who: Adrian Eugene Seet (

Blogging for: Over four years. Blog’s name was a spinoff from cousin Karen Seah’s online reality TV show,, which he helped with and was thrown into the deep end of social media a year prior.

Ultimate comfort food: Instant noodles. “Just make a soup, throw all that powder in, fish cake and fish balls. Fry up a runny egg to go along.” 

Don’t offer him: Truffles (it has a “cloth-never-dry smell” ) and capsicum because he’s allergic.

SUPER moment: “In May, I was very fortunate to be the only one from Singapore to attend the launch of Etihad Airways’ new A380 product in Abu Dhabi–a three-room suite with a personal butler.” 

On photography and wrinkles: “I love to take photos of people–see all their lines, freckles, the naturalness of people. They don’t like me to shoot them because all their flaws can be seen, but that’s why they’re beautiful.” 

Confessions: “I am a very simple person, contrary to popular belief. But I do have a weakness for champagne and whisky. Single malts only!” 


THE BUFFET: Straits Signatures at Flavours at Zhongshan Park ($40++ per person, Fri 6-10.30pm)

Time of visit: 27 June, 7.30pm

Strategy: “I’m a very ’old fogey’ kind of guy, so I prefer Asian comfort food, hot dishes, soup, rojak,

lighter stuff like tofu, vegetables, seafood. Buffet is wasted on me as I only pick the things I like to eat.I’m usually very conservative with my food choices.” 

Didn’t eat: The selection of Potong ice cream, because “I generally don’t like cold food” .

Second helpings of: He pio (fish maw) soup, Nonya lamb and laksa station. “Tonight there’s fish

maw soup. Yay! Lamb’s soft and not gamey. Laksa has quail’s egg, but no see hum (cockles).” 

Not super: Steamed rice. “I am very particular about rice. It’s the deciding factor after the food. I

like my rice soft-soft, a little bit sticky, steaming and fragrant.” 

How many BiTES ?

Taste: 3/5

Value for money: 3/5