Singapore’s huge variety in our dining scene is proof that we love our food. On top of that, dedicated food Instagrammers have grabbed our attention as they document their adventures, whether they’re cooking or baking up a storm, giving reviews, scouring for the hidden gems of Singapore or just chillaxing with #foodporn on your feed. From chefs and patisseries to bloggers and students, here’s our list of 15 Singapore foodie Instagrammers to follow.


1.  Clara Bean (@explodingbelly)

How Clara Bean, the NUS student behind @explodingbelly can juggle between school, staying fit and yet consuming all those yummy dishes is amazing. But what amazes us more is how she goes to such lengths to show off and review the best places around Singapore to fulfil your cravings. We are not the only ones thinking that with her following of 29k showing just what is so good about her pictures. Want a recommendation on which café gives you the most bang for your buck? In Clara’s feed, she delivers just that.

2.   Shawn (@Larvitar)

Think lawyers are boring people stuck looking at documents or fighting for their client in court? Shawn proves they are just like any of us, with his obsession of food. Injecting humour and current Singapore pop culture references into his reviews and captions, we were as much entertained as we were informed while scrolling through his feed. We are not the only ones thinking this way with his 18.5k following agreeing with us.

3. Roy (@Eatwithroy)

They say never to trust a chef who doesn’t eat his own food. With Roy, you can definitely trust him what with Roy being the café owner and barista at Black and Ink. In addition to that, he also blogs about his culinary journey. Posting pictures and reviews of local delights in Singapore as well as featuring some food featured in Black and Ink, scrolling through his feed gives you a very comforting feeling. 14.3k of his followers have found comfort in his pictures, join them now.

4. (@Hiamjio)

There is something just so deeply satisfying about reading poetry, and with @hiamjio, reviews and captions are all in poetry. It injects fun to the picture and brightens up your day. 8.6k people stay tuned for the rhymes, and so should you.

5.  Jeremy (@suchafattyy)

Some people live to eat and others eat to live, Jeremy is a person who definitely lives to eat. He combs through all the different cuisines and types of meals. From main courses at popular cafes to desserts and drinks from the popular Geylang Serai Bazaar. Although his follower count is at 1.3k followers now, we’re sure he’s going places.


6.  John Heng (@daphotographer)

There’s beauty in action with John Heng’s photos. He makes sure to incorporate excitement into every shot, whether through use of eye-catching colours, lighting and contrast or using his models to bring personality to the picture. Having worked with InterContinental Singapore, Odette and several others, you can bet his fanbase of 4k will increase with each breathtaking photo.

7.  Cheryl Lim(@Cherylishungry)

Food stylist and photographer Cheryl Lim expertly plays with colours, angles and shadows to create pictures that make our mouths water. Watch the detail in each picture as the props used in the background complement the item in focus. Her entire feed is filled with pictures that look handpicked from a food magazine. We are expecting to see her shine with a growing fanbase of 3.3k followers.

8. C.R Tan (@Xlbcr)

This professional photographer and food and props stylist captivate us with his pictures that seem as if the food has a personality. The natural feeling in each photo is amplified with the human touch in many photos. Captivating 52.4 people with his well styled, well-shot photos; be ready to be inspired by Chun Rong Tan.

9.  Dionna Lee (@tofurier)

There is something whimsical and out-of-this-world with Dionna’s pictures that enthral us. Every photo tells a story about the scene and the subjects which make us see the food in a different way. In fact, it doesn’t even look like food with how surreal they look and that’s how you know the pictures are great. Step up your Instagram feed with Dionna on your feed along with 52.6k other people.


10.  Willin Low (@willcookwilleat)

Chef Willin Low left his law career to open Wild Rocket and we are thankful for that. His Mod Sin cuisine won over the hearts of many, and so has his Instagram feed as well. His 32.9k followers would agree. He is a Singaporean through and through with many of his pictures hunting down local and heritage food, and his own cooking.

11.  Janice Wong (@janicewong2am)

Galaxy, abstract art and the whimsical come together in Janice Wong’s desserts. Scrolling through Janice’s feed is like walking through an art museum with just how stunning every photo is. The best part? These are all edible! Take all our money! She’s already taken over the hearts of 27.7k followers, add your own name to that list.

12. (@battermaker)

It all looks so glamorous from the outside, but what if we had a way to really see what happens behind the scenes? One of the faces behind Sin Lee Foods is our eyes into Singapore’s F&B industry. Speaking the truth about what we don’t see, his photos give a realness that draws you in and hooks you with his sometimes snarky commentary about the hard work put into making it. He has inspired 4k people, let yourself be inspired by him.

13.  Ng Li Tying (@nglitying)

Li Tying is #goals with her story of being a self-taught baker to becoming a baker at The Spatula & the Pen. Her baked goods leave us drooling and dreaming of being only half as good. Did we mention that she makes matcha Nutella salted egg brownies? She had me and her 15.3k followers at matcha.

14.  Charlie K (@chockywoky)

Charlie K is a teen that is living the dream. Cooking and taking photos is her thing as showcased in her Instagram feed. You will find yourself smiling as you scroll through all the pictures of breakfast and dessert and think how you would like to recreate that vibe you get from her Instagram. Chill out with her 53.6k followers as you fantasise of having dessert for breakfast.

15.  Sophie Ng (@sophiensyy)

Donuts, crumbles, cookies; sorry, did we make you hungry? Well, you should feel hungry after going through Sophie’s feed. They are loaded full of her baking journey as well as her foodie escapades at cafes. We love scrolling through to see what she brings next to the baking tray. With 16.8k followers already in tow, we will see her number rise just like her baking skills.