Our list of 12 Malaysian foodie Instagrammers include bloggers, food photographers and community-curated accounts to bring inspiration on where to eat.

We covered Singaporean foodie Instagrammers to follow, now we’re looking north to our neighbours across the causeway. With Malaysia’s food scene being much bigger than Singapore’s, why not add a few of these top Instagrammers to your list?

The Makers and Creators

1. Nadiah Kimie (@nadiahkimie)

Nadiah Kimie, part of the duo that makes up All The Ns, creates and sells jewellery, stationery and bowls. Her fascination for all things creative translates into her pictures of her food. Whether flatlay or otherwise, her captures of her recent meals whet the appetite. With 1.6k followers, we anticipate seeing more crafts from her and All The Ns as well as more food photos that make us want to travel to Malaysia for our next meal.

2. Samantha Lee (@leesamantha)

What is better than a cute self-made meal for kids? Literally nothing else, we think. Samantha Lee’s food designs feature monkeys, dinosaurs and pop culture characters. If your kids are not eating their vegetables, take a leaf out of Samantha’s book and design something quirky and funny to get your kids eating and bring out that inner child. 717k followers strong, we will be tuned in to see what else she will bring to the table and you should too.

3. Dududedoodle (@dududedoodle)

Want to know what café is worth visiting in Malaysia and beyond? Dududedoodle brings more than just that, he also showcases his various doodles at cafes that he visits. If you catch him in the act, he might even give you the completed piece. What’s so fun about his Instagram is that the things he doodles are so adorable, from beloved cartoon characters like Totoro and Spongebob Squarepants, to movie characters like Motoko Kusanagi from the upcoming movie Ghost in The Shell featuring Scarlett Johansson. 26.3k people are looking forward to seeing what he doodles next, and you should too.

4. Trisha Toh (@trishates)

Clean, pristine with a natural colour palate. This is what to expect going through Trisha Toh’s Instagram feed. As a food stylist, and then some based in Kuala Lumpur, her photos exude that simplistic, yet elegant feel everyone loves. Her photos are the true definition of #goals. 110k people already agree, follow her to get inspired.

5. Chee Ching (@cheechingy)

The art director who does it all, design, photography and illustration documents her travel and food journey in picture. Her food pictures embody a touch of comfort while still being something that inspires. 2.6k followers marvel over her pictures, and so should you.

The Reviewers

6. Ken (@kenhuntsfood)

Penang-born and raised, Ken brings us around all the best places in Penang to indulge in local Malaysian cuisine. From cafes to restaurants, he reviews the food, giving honest rundowns of what is offered and tells you how much damage the meal is going to cost your wallet. 9.5k of his followers are on the prowl for the next new café or restaurant in Penang to eat at, and if you’re in the mood to get some food in Penang, Ken’s Instagram is the place to go for suggestions.

7. The Food Journalist (@foodjournalist)

True to the name, the foodjournalist is an Instagram account that explores Malaysia and beyond for the best eatery in town, it’s written right there in their bio. They try it so we know whether it’s worth it or not to drop by that particular place. With 14.2k people scrolling the foodjournalist’s feed to get the lowdown on eating places in Malaysia and even Europe, join in too.

8. Eat Drink Kuala Lumpur (@eatdrinkkualalumpur)

EatDrinkKualaLumpur is an Instagram account that is dedicated to trying out every single food establishment they can to dish out insightful restaurant reviews. They make it clear where to get the goods and what to expect when you are there. They basically figured out your meal there for you and their 17.9k followers thank them for that. Get your lunch plans sorted out today.

9. Foodie Vs The World (@foodievstheworld)

Want to know how legit foodievstheworld is? Netflix Asia officially recognises foodievstheworld as an official foodie. That’s just how legit they are. The team of three goes around Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of the world scouring high and low for the best places to chow down on the local cuisine. With 20.5k followers who are subscribed to the honest reviews that they are dishing out, you should follow along.

10. Rebecca Saw (@wackybecky)

We love her crazy hair and interesting taste, especially the salted egg yolk kaya she loves so much. She bounces around Singapore, Malaysia and everywhere else in between and she brings us along for the ride. The only thing we wish for is that we can go with her. Her 9k followers are already wanting more photos, join them.

The Community

11. My Cafe Food (@mycafefood)

Who better to get cafe recommendations from than the people themselves? The community would know where the best cafes are, and with the community, you will not be restricted by location. Anyone in Malaysia is welcome to submit their top choices of cafes all around the country to this Instagram account. Go ahead and join the 35.8k followers who already are using the account to satisfy their café food cravings.

12. Eat Now KL (@eatnowkl)

EatNowKL calls themselves a comprehensive directory of good food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we have to agree with them. Every photo is a stunning testament of the good food in KL. Using the hashtag #eatnowkl, you can also see the community’s newest food haunts in KL and get inspiration for your next meal from there. 15k followers strong, you can be a part of this community.