Kick start 2018 with a clean, green slate. Check out how these three young Singaporeans are doing it.

A hectic work schedule may leave you little time to hit the gym, but these three young Singaporeans show us how they balance work and health to great results.

Jerlin Chew (@jerzylicious)

Jerlin Chew

Jerlin Chew, 26, trainer at F45 training river valley

A Food Science diploma holder, Jerlin Chew’s job as a lifeguard at Sentosa’s Adventure Cove Waterpark started her on a fitness journey. Her toned body is a result of strict workouts and diet discipline. Four years on, armed with a certificate in personal training, she’s now a part-time trainer with one of Singapore’s HIIT (high intensity interval training) gyms, F45 training.

Keeping active

As a trainer, I enjoy doing HIIT, which I supplement with resistance training to build up strength.


  1. Eating regularly is a must. Whether it is a meal or a snack, go for proteins and healthy carbohydrates. A little fat is fine, but do cut down on rice or bread if you’re watching your weight.
  2. The best way to slip in a workout is a short HIIT session. They last anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, and are offered in many gyms, including F45 training. YouTube is also filled with free video guides on various workout routines. The cardio sequences are best for those looking to shed some pounds.
  3. When on vacation, either substitute carbohydrates with protein or half the portion. Do some research on the cuisine. For example, Thailand is known for putting a lot of sugar into their food.
  4. Have a cheat day once a week. Stick to what you’d normally eat, if you weren’t restricted to a diet, like a full portion of noodles.

Alfred Tan (@allephantalfred)

Alfred Tan

27, senior marketing communications manager at CNP Laboratory and senior brand manager at Cremorlab

Alfred Tan’s fitness regime, which started only a year ago, did not come easy. As a marketing communications manager of a up and coming Korean beauty brand, he does not have a fixed lunch routine. He would either be too swamped with stacks of paperwork to have time to eat well or would have to lunch with clients and colleagues. Despite his hectic schedule, he still manages to hit the gym twice a week.

Keeping active

I go to the gym twice a week for resistance and cardio training. There’s also men’s netball sessions once every fortnight, and a Bodybalance class (a mix of yoga, Pilates and tai chi) when time permits. The latter is my favourite, as it strengthens and stretches most muscle groups.


  1. Staying hydrated is essential. Not only does it keep your stomach feeling full, it also lowers your dependence on sugar with time. Eventually, you’ll find yourself craving less desserts and snacks.
  2. Don’t give yourself excuses. If the gym is too far, or has closed after work, go for a run around the neighbourhood or do some static exercises (guides are available online).

Gosteloa Spancer (@killarcci)

Gosteloa Spancer

Gosteloa Spancer, 30, actor, musician and stunt performer at Waterworld Show USS

Gosteloa Spancer never took his health seriously till a bout of depression five years ago. Bad food choices and vices ultimately took a toll on his body. It was so bad that he struggled to do even one pull up during an exercise session at the park. These days, he has moved on from the park to the gym, where he continues to improve his health and outlook on life.

Keeping active

I head to the gym five to six times a week where I would work on different muscle groups, like legs and shoulders on a Monday, then back and chest on a Tuesday. It’s important to push myself a little further each time to attain positive changes in my physique.


  1. Make your health a priority, so, eating wisely and working out will be a constant in your schedule. A good starting point is to try to exercise at least three times a week for 45 minutes.
  2. Find which diet fits you best as we are all have varying bodies and lifestyles. Applications like Under Armour’s My Fitness Pal can help keep track of your diet.