From the folks who brought you Nutmeg & Clove comes Zui Hong Lou, a sexy Asian diner and bar along Club Street.

The term ‘modern Asian diner and bar’ makes little sense. That is, until you step into Zui Hong Lou, Colin Chia’s (Nutmeg & Clove and #FindTheLockerRoom Bangkok) latest addition to the bustling Club Street. The former dim sum bar has found a new lease of life with up-and-coming chef Clement Goh (formerly of Izy Dining and Bacchanalia), who is serving up a delectable mishmash of Sichuan, Japanese and Singapore flavours. What’s more, bartender Sufi Hizrian (former head bartender for DIAGEO HQ) accompanies the fiery menu with a slew of innovative cocktails.

Zui Hong Lou

Zui Hong Lou returns to Club Street with a sexy interior, featuring a graffiti by local artist, Rajesh Kumar.

The one-page menu impresses with small plates, such the crowd-pleasing Spicy Dumplings ($7), drenched in an appetising chilli oil-vinegar concoction, and the Chong Qing Wings ($10). The latter won us over with its house ma la spices; the enlivening blend of sweet, savory and spicy kept our mouths watering and – obviously – coming back for more. The same goes for the heaping Szechuan Fries ($6), which comes with an additional Szechuan BBQ Dip, that’s a dream with Young Master’s Classic Pale Ale ($12).

Zui Hong Lou

Chong Qing Wings ($10)

A special mention goes out to an unlikely item on the menu: the Whole Fish Asian Style ($25). Easily shared between four pals (with other sides because who only orders one thing here), it features a whole sea bass de-boned, deep-fried and drenched in an addictive ginger scallion jus. The succulent flesh is encased within a soft, crisp outer that simply soaks up the sauce, making each mouthful a delight.

Zui Hong Lou

Whole Fish Asian Style ($25)

As for the cocktails, Hizrian takes it up the notch with six signatures and six unique highball creations. The Nanyang Negroni ($16) surprised with its aromatic nose of Chinese Goldthread, akin to a floral tea you’d be served at a Chinese restaurant, while the Kopi Gin Tonic ($15) transported us back to the kopitiam with its rich blend of Expresso Cold Brew and Bankes Gin. The classics go for $14 and house pour wines start at a low price of just $12.

Overall, it is easy to see how it would stand up against the more established heavyweights along this popular drinking stretch.

90 Club Street. Tel: 8181 0572
Make your reservations through Chope.