The Dish: Chicken Rice
Hainanese chicken rice gets its name from the dish’s creation by Hainanese immigrants in Southeast Asia. This local obsession features rice cooked in chicken stock, garlic and ginger, topped with roasted, white or braised chicken and a tricky-to-match garlic chilli.

Wolf Bass Yellow Label Merlot 2012

Origin: Barossa Valley
Grape: Merlot
This medium bodied wine brims with notes of plums, dark cherries, chocolate, and a hint of vanilla, all the while exuding subtle herbal notes, making it an excellent pairing for chicken rice.

From Cold Storage,

Damien Laureau Savennieres Les Genets 2010

Origin: Loire Valley
Grape: Chenin Blanc
A sprightly white with acidity to complement the starch and umami of the rice, vibrant floral note to accentuate the protein and a body sufficiently rich to support both drink and dish.

From KOT Selections,