Fresh food, good value for money, daily live music and an upcoming beer garden makes this unique 160-seater dining concept a gathering place for meals, after-work drinks and hangouts for friends and family.

Wild Market is the brainchild of army buddies Elliot Chia and Ruben Brandon, a new eclectic dining concept situated on the ground floor of Shaw Tower, facing Suntec City Mall. The large eatery boasts nine unique hawker stalls, each standing out with different signature dishes of their own.

Elliot has had experience in Singapore’s hawker industry and Ruben, who runs the bar in the establishment, was a former air steward. The both of them collaborated on this venture, hoping to provide quality food and beer, all while keeping it affordable for their diners.

Honey Baked Chicken

Barnyard Servery

This western food stall serves up homely dishes such as their chef-recommended Honey Baked Chicken ($12.90) – two juicy pieces of fresh chicken (not frozen!) grilled to perfection, with a side of mashed potatoes and rocket salad. The chicken was seasoned well and its large portion makes it value for the money and taste.  Also on the menu was their Barnyard Babe ($12.90), a breaded pork cutlet with a side of fries and salad. A special option on the menu was a “ladies cut” for all of their mains, a smaller portion of the actual dish that’s great for those who have smaller appetites.

Shio Ramen with Yakibuta

Mentei Express

Mentei Express makes their own ramen noodles at the stall itself, guaranteeing freshness and quality in every bite. The operators of the stall have also set up their own ramen school, teaching people how to make their own noodles, taught by a native Japanese instructor. We got to taste their Shio Ramen with Yakibuta ($13) and could really taste that the noodles were indeed springier and did not get soggy easily. The soup was fragrant and left us with a hint of umami that was so addictive to drink. The Yakibuta was flame-grilled to perfection and complemented the salty soup well.

A Ceylonese Affair

At this stall specialising in Sri Lankan cuisine, we were treated to their take on appam– a traditional Ceylonese snack made from fermented rice and coconut, with a poached egg and pepper ($3.80) served with coconut sugar on the side. The appam was crisp and light, with a slightly tangy taste that reminded us of Indian thosai. The poached egg brought a richness to it as well. Their Sri Lankan take on Chicken Dum Briyani ($10.90) did not disappoint, with it being a drier version of the local dish we are used to having. It certainly did not lose out on fullness of flavour and taste in any aspect.

Duck Confit


With their chefs hailing from famous French restaurants, its no wonder that Arome’s food stays true to its taste. Compared to the rest of the other stalls, Arome pays special touch to their plating and presentation, to that of a fine dining restaurant at affordable food court prices. Their duck confit($14.90) was laid upon a bed of lentils de puy, mushrooms and braised purple cabbage, with a piece of grilled pear topping off the dish. The duck meat was fall-off-the-bone tender and full of flavour, while the lentil added a nice earthiness to balance the richness of the dish.

Penang Char Kway Teow

Little Penang

Bringing a taste of Malaysia into the mix, Little Penang serves up its bestseller, Penang Char Kway Teow ($5.30), a ‘white’ version of our local delight (minus the sweet dark sauce), which was chock full of familiar ingredients like cockles, beansprouts, lup cheong and prawns. Even a sprinkle of crispy pork lard for good measure!

Salted Egg Sauce Carrot Cake

Ding’s Carrot Cake

The owner of Ding’s was previously located at a hawker centre and decided to venture into a new dining concept and menu, by making “fusion” fried carrot cake, with interesting sauce toppings such as BBQ, sour cream and tom yum. We tried their speciality Salted Egg Sauce carrot cake ($5) which was a treat for our tastebuds. The rich creamy sauce was slightly spicy, and melded well when paired with the white fried carrot cake. We would have preferred more sauce on our dish though!

Love Bento

Those who are in a rush during lunch hour and would prefer to have a healthy and affordable packed lunch would definitely head straight for Love Bento. All bento bowls and boxes come with a tofu skewer, a dollop of sweet potato mash and salad, along with brown rice and your choice of protein ($6.80-$12.90) The grilled chicken thigh was our pick, with it being delightfully seasoned. A great choice for office lunches at a good price.

Chendol Trifle

Taman Manis

At this speciality shop serving up traditional Peranakan desserts with a modern twist, we got to try their signature Chendol Madness Trifle ($5), a mason jar layered with bits of pandan cake, sweetened red beans, coconut ice cream, cendol, topped off with more coconut ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows and a drizzle of gula melaka sauce. We loved how they elevated this traditional dessert with the fluffy pandan cake and ice cream.

Wild Bar

Run by the owner himself, Wild Bar offers a range of bottled wines and beers on tap, with prices starting from as low as $5. Each serving of beer is served icy cold in frozen mugs, and many would be happy to know that happy hour runs all day here. Other must tries include their gula melaka milk tea ($2.80)

Open daily, 8am-12am. Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road. Tel: 9247 5319