Whether Japanese, Brazillian, Korean or Thai, our picks of the best meaty buffets will satisfy all cravings.

Top image: Carnivore


Azmaya Restaurant

Opened by young duo Masui and Tshuchiya, the restaurant is home to Japanese expats come dinner time. Expect endless rounds of pork and A5 wagyu loin shabu shabu, coupled with rich, nourishing soup stock. The A5 wagyu beef with its detailed marbling is especially fresh and umami. Apart from the meat, there is a wide choice of vegetables and udon to complement the dinner buffet ($90++ for a two-hour sitting).

#0112/13, 30 Robertson Quay. Tel: 6737 6863



Barossa’s beef buffet ($45.90++, Mon, Wed, Sun 6-10pm) is a pure bovine feast, with prime cuts ranging from wagyu ’D’ rump to braised beef cheek. The meats are paired with sauces that are made in-house, with tasty selections like truffle béarnaise and blue cheese sauce. Enjoy 20 percent off a bottle of wine with every purchase of the buffet.

At all their outlets including #0111 Esplanade Mall, 8 Raffles Avenue. Tel: 6534 5188


Brazil Churrasco

The original churrascaria haunt, Brazil Churrasco is a feast for all occasions. Picture an endless waltz of choice roasts and grills from the passadors (meat waiters)–fall-off-the-bone beef short ribs, smoked duck breast, succulent chicken thighs, moist beef topside and a range of flavourful offals. Hit the chromatic salad bar for a fresh assortment of legumes and salads. Head there for a buffet celebration ($47++, 6-11pm) and you’ll find the cheery wait staff serenading the lucky individual with Portuguese birthday tunes.

16 Sixth Avenue. Tel: 6463 1923



The restaurant is a whirl of charming waiters with rotisserie fare and a hearty crowd savouring succulent meats freshly sliced right onto their platters. The buffet ($34++, 12-3pm at selected outlets only, $49++, 6-11pm) includes garlic beef tenderloin with bacon, pork belly, honey ham, grilled fish fillet, and the irresistible honey pineapple. Complement the 14 meaty offerings with original garnishes such as farofa, a smoky sprinkle incorporating toasted semolina, and an array of hot and cold appetisers, including feijoada, the Brazilian national dish.

At all outlets, including #01-80 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue. Tel: 6688 7429.


Chicken Up

Certainly not for the faint-hearted, Chicken Up has a spread of all classic renditions of Korean fried chicken. Options for the buffet ($25++, 5.30-11pm) include Curry Up, Spicy Up, Mild Up, Yangnyum, Soya Chicken and Popcorn Chicken. Yangnyum chicken is a hot favourite, with moist cuts tossed in sweet and spicy sauce, and topped with a generous serving of sesame seeds. Fried chicken aside, the meal includes andong chicken stew, truffle fries and salad.

48 Tanjong Pagar Road. Tel: 6327 1203


Don Quijote

Feast like a triumphant conquistador at Don Quijote’s monthly barbecue buffet dinner ($128++, 6.30-11pm). The opulent affair centres around a live BBQ station, where chefs lord over the fiery grill and serve up Spanish roasts and tapas. The seà±ora of the meal is the Segovian style suckling pig, crisp to the bite and unctuous on the inside. Other favourites include 400-day grain-fed bone-in Margaret River wagyu rib steak, Spanish secreto Iberico and farm-fresh hormone-free roast chicken.

#01-02, 7 Dempsey Road. Tel: 6476 2811


Mooja, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat

What’s better than authentic charcoal-grilled meats? Tasty soups to complement the grills. The mookata restaurant lives up to its Thai origins with its lard-cooked piquant proteins–inclusive of U.S. Angus beef and kurobuta pork–which are flavoursome to the bite. Drizzle the restaurant’s special chilli sauce over your plates to add some kick to the already scrumptious buffet ($40.70 nett, 5pm-6am).

25 Keong Saik Road. Tel: 6536 4780



Wake up to a dizzying plethora of wagyu, Angus cuts and Kurobuta pork at Tajimaya’s brunch buffet ($45.90++, Sat, Sun, PH 11.30am-4pm). Specialising in charcoal grill yakiniku, the selection includes wagyu short plate, Angus loin and Angus sirloin. Fans of Kurobuta grills can look forward to the unctuous and tasty belly, collar and loin dishes.

#01-102/103 VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk. Tel: 6377 0070


Tenkaichi Wagyu BBQ buffet, Keypoint

Have a merry wagyu fest at this one-of-its-kind buffet ($98++, 6-10pm). The selection includes premium plates like wagyu sashimi, waygu tataki and quality portions such as beef rib finger, short ribs, beef belly and ox tongue. The star of the spread is wagyu yukke, raw beef mixed with a flavour-packed marinade and raw egg, which is appetising and has an almost melt-in-your-mouth consistency.

#01-18/19, 371 Beach Road, City Gate (Keypoint). Tel: 6293 4498


The Ramen Stall

There’s just something primitive yet rewarding about eating off a stick, especially so if these sticks are packed with delightful cuts. The kushiyaki high tea buffet ($28.80++, Sat, Sun 2-5pm) with over 35 types of barbecue items–think beef short rib, chicken yakitori, pork neck collar–and tantalising sides such as prawn tempura roll, pork shougayaki and Japanese smoked duck with stir-fried vegetables promises a satiating meal.

6 Short Street. Tel: 6499 5757