Check out what the BiTES team loved from Kazo – Nichifu Bakery’s first concept store outside of Taiwan.

Known for their picture perfect bakes in Taiwan, Nichifu Bakery brings to Singapore a fresh, casual concept at Chinatown Point –  Kazo. The bright yellow shopfront welcomed an enthusiastic crowd of office workers and shoppers today (5 January), with lady boss Kyenne Lee serving boxes upon boxes of cream puffs, as well as a hilarious Kazo Man soy bean drink in shapely bottles of (what we assume) an aspiring underwear model.

With the advent of Japanese bakeries and household names in town, just how will this spanking new store hold up to all the competition? Here at BiTES, we’ve put our new year resolutions on hold and gave their signatures (yes, all of them) a proper taste off. Read on to find out which are our favourites.

Cream puffs


Cream Puff ($1.80/each) in Hokkaido Cream and Matcha.

While it would be hard to convince most to shell out $1.80 for a bite-sized treat, one puff in and you’ll understand why its worth it. Using flour and salt sourced from Taiwan, Kazo has managed to create crisp yet soft shells that’s perfect with the luscious yet light cream fillings. As a traditionalist, I prefer the rich vanilla notes of the Hokkaido cream, while my colleague could not get enough of the dark chocolate. We both agree that the Matcha was a perfect balance between bitter and sweet. It reminded me of a proper matcha latte you’d get in Kyoto, Japan.

Kazu Kazu

Kazo Taiwan

Kazu Kazu ($3.50/each) in Hokkaido Cream and Chocolate

The same crisp outer is used in the Kazu Kazu, where the only difference is its shape. Perhaps done so to make it easier for those wanting to enjoy the treat on-the-go. It essentially tastes the same, but presents a more even cream-to-puff ratio.

Liu Sa Danish Polo Buns

Kazo Taiwan

Danish Polo bun in Salted Egg ($2.50 to $5.50/each)

An unlikely contender that stole the show was the Liu Sa Danish Polo Buns. The pillowy soft buns have a cookie-like crust on the outside, adding a nice, buttery vanilla crunch to match the sweet yet savoury salted egg yolk custard inside. There’s also an option to have the buns (without the filling) with their selection of ice creams, but we, at the BiTES office, just can’t get enough of that lip-smacking golden lava.

Cheese Tarts

Kazo Taiwan

Cheese Tart ($3.20) in Original, Chocolate and Matcha.

A little too heavy for the team’s liking are the Cheese Tarts. Their generous dollop of cheese, while impressive on its own, overshadowed the crumbly and slightly salted crust. The matcha flavour was a bit of a let down, as we found that the savoury notes of the cheese clashing with the bittersweet matcha. The chocolate would be a better choice, but we suggest going straight for the cream puffs and polo buns instead.

Kazo Man

Kazo Taiwan

Kazo Man ($2.80/bottle) organic soy bean drink in original and matcha

Thirsty? These wacky bottles are limited editions and are yours to keep. While the Organic Soy Bean drink isn’t much too different from the ones you would get from the markets nearby, they do carry a Matcha version. The latter is on the sweeter side, unlike the fillings we had earlier. I believe many would simply buy them just for the bottles, as the rest of the BiTES team has already started fighting over them.

#01-30, Chinatown Point, 133 North Bridge Road.