Inspired by Chinese and Italian flavours, Tamoya Udon introduces 4 new slurp-tastic udon flavours.

Today, BiTES heads to Liang Court for a comfort food which has been satisfying the lively Clarke Quay crowd with a needed sustenance for years. Tamoya udon is one of the first customisable udon shops in Singapore, and the only one with an reality TV show winner, chef Tamotsu Kurokawa, in the kitchen. The champion of sanuki udon did not rest on laurels and introduced 4 new flavours – triple egg, pesto, fried onion and oooh-mami.

Tamoya Udon

Triple egg udon ($9.80)

As the name suggests, the triple egg udon ($9.80) features springy noodles topped with a trifecta of mentaiko, tobiko and a gooey soft-boiled egg. While the egg offsets the heaviness of the dish, an extra knob of butter coats every strand with the addictive sauce. You can have it on its own topped with tenkasu (flaky tempura bits), or pair it off with either a prawn ($3/2 pieces) or chikuwa (fish cake) ($2/piece) tempura.

Reminiscent of a fresh pasta dish I had back in Tokyo is the pesto udon ($8.80). Sweet basil and savory cheese comes together to make this rich sauce, bringing life to the otherwise bland udon. It is best savoured with the eggplant tempura ($1.20/piece) or the fried chicken ($1.80/piece).

Tamoya Udon

Fried onion udon ($8.80)

Taking inspiration from Shanghai’s own comfort food is the fried onion udon ($8.80). The fragrant spring onion oil, shallots and juicy cubes of braised pork is a winning formula. What really makes the dish is the understated tenkasu and chilli padi flakes, adding spice and texture to the already toothsome dish. Make it even more so with slices of the shiitake tempura ($1.20/piece).

Tamoya Udon

Oooh-mami udon ($10.80)

Last but not least, the oooh-mami udon ($10.80) is sure to be a hit with locals. The mildly spicy seafood flavour from the XO sauce is paired with crunchy bits of dried sakura ebi and fresh spring onions, making this bowl of udon as nostalgic as it is delicious. Waste not and mop up the flavoursome “broth” with the kakiage ($1.80) or an onigiri ($1.80).

177 River Valley Road, Liang Court Shopping Centre, #01-32. Tel: 6337 0301