Will Tai Cheong’s famed egg tarts, macaroni soup and toast with scrambled eggs satisfy our cravings  without having to fly to Hong Kong?

After  25 outlets in Hong Kong since 1954, Tai Cheong Bakery found its way to the basement of Takashimaya  in the form of a  takeaway kiosk in 2016. Five months later, the brand’s FIRST dine-in concept at Holland Village is now (officially) open–and the queue hasn’t stopped.

(Looking for baked cheese tarts instead?)

Here’s what you can expect at this Hong Kong style cha chaan teng (teahouse):

Cosy space

Rest  in comfort in  the modern interior of tiled teal green walls and cushioned booth seats, but be prepared to share tables.  With only 26 air-conditioned indoor seats, you may end up  sitting (and sweating) outdoors, which opens up to 16 more. (Note: Tai Cheong Bakery does not take reservations)

Takeaways are available for baked goods in a separate queue. Here’s a perk of the baked goods queue–you can purchase up to 16 egg tarts (four boxes; $7.60 per box) while diners are entitled to only two tarts per person.

Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village Macaroni Soup

Diverse range of food

Just like teahouses in Hong Kong, Tai Cheong Bakery lines up an array of one-dish meals in generous portions with NO service charge. The three egg macaroni soup with luncheon meat ($8.50) may seem unpretentious, but we were sold  with the rich chicken broth in a tangy tomato base (psst… give the yolk a good stir for creamy texture).

Tai Cheong Bakery Holland Village Scrambled Egg Toast

Their pillowy breads made in-house is a must-try–go for the scrambled egg toast stack with chicken chop or luncheon meat  ($9.50).  The eggs are fluffy and substantial enough with the chicken chop to boost up the protein quotient.  You won’t go wrong with the french toast ($6.50) smothered in genuine maple syrup and a slab of butter either.

And the only reason you haven’t seen the creamy durian & cheese tart ($3.60) yet…  it is exclusive to Singapore and only at the Holland Village outlet!  The durian & cheese version is simply irresistible, boasting a bittersweet creaminess with the cheese.

What do we say? Grab your friends, and unless you have the fad for coconut, skip the traditional coconut tart ($2.50) and go for another egg tart.

Old school thirst quenchers

It is hard to walk out without trying the Hong Kong milk tea or fresh lemon tea (from $2.50), but the drinks are just average in taste.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Hong Kong style ginger lemon cola ($3). Only served hot–we hear it serves as a remedy for colds/flu.

Overall, the dishes are on the generous side, with attention to detail despite the endless queues and harried waitstaff. While some of the dishes seem to taste better in Hong Kong (we especially wish that the flaky pastry option is available here too), the value-for-money pricing will ensure diners come back for a quick fix right here in our own backyard.

Opening hours: Pastries and drinks available 10am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 9am-10pm (Sat, Sun, PH); Mains available 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm.
31 Lorong Liput.