10. McDonald’s

Price: Cone from 60 ¢

As our favourite after-school snack and treat for good behaviour, McD’s soft serve cone had to be on the list. We love that they jazz up their ice cream with chocolate shells and flavor bursts–coming in flavours like mocha and raspberry–but the ice cream itself tends to melt a little too quickly and the hard cones can be a little tough to bite into. However, we do have a soft spot for their hot fudge sundae, full of sticky goodness.

Daily 24 hours. #01-28A Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close. Tel: 6581 4745

9. Come-In-Hokkaido

Price: $4.80-$5 for a cone

Located at the entrance of Meidi-ya, Come-In-Hokkaido serves up large, almost comically gigantic soft serve ice cream atop waffle cones in melon and vanilla flavours, or a mix of both, if you find yourself torn between the two. The melon flavoured soft serve is fragrant, but a little too sweet to devour all by yourself–we suggest this one for sharing.

Daily 11am-9.15pm. #B1-50 Liang Court Shopping Centre, 177 River Valley Road.


8. Oyoge! Taiyaki

Price: $3, served in a cone

Aiming to bring in unique flavours of soft serve ice cream alongside the mochi taiyaki they introduced to Singapore, Oyoge! Taiyaki currently serves two out of their four flavours of sweet potato, melon, kyoho grape and matcha at any one time; we enjoyed the crunchy cone, although the matcha soft serve could have been a little less sweet. We look forward to their next expansion, when they may have the space to make more flavours available to the public.

Mon-Thu 12pm-9pm. Fri-Sun 10.30am-10pm. 191 New Bridge Road. Tel: 9099 0318


7. Amasoy

Price: $2 for a cone, $2.30 for a sundae

We like this Hokkaido-branded matcha ice cream for its slight sweetness and genuine green tea fragrance, although we did find that the texture could have been less grainy and more firm. However, this is definitely the most affordable genuine Japanese green tea soft serve that you’ll find in Singapore.

Daily 10am-10pm. #B4-64 ION Orchard. Tel: 96632222



Price: 50 ¢, cone

On weekends, the food queue at IKEA snakes out beyond its limits, to no small extent due to the popularity of their soft serve. After the implementation of the do-it-yourself machine, the tasty ice cream cone has gotten even more fun. Their soft serve is smooth and milky, and the waffle cone is enjoyable to the last bite.

Daily, 10am-11pm. 60 Tampines North Drive 2. Tel: 6786 6868


5. Mr Bean

Price: $1.60 for a cone, From $1.90 for a cup

Made with fresh soya milk, the soft serve at Mr Bean tends to taste less milky while retaining its sweetness. Firm and not too quick to melt, it’s touted as an healthier variant on the usual ice cream. Riding the recent soft serve wave, Mr Bean has also introduced toppings of chocolate syrup, nata de coco, pearls, or pops that customers can choose from.

Daily 7am-10pm. #01-35, Toa Payoh Hub, 500 Toa Payoh Lorong 6.


4. Sunday Folks

Price: From $7.20 for cup or cone, $11.80 for Belgian waffles with ice-cream

Known as Creamier’s little sibling, Sunday Folks serves up its own take on waffles with their soft serve ice cream, that comes in a charcoal-coloured cone as well. Six unique soft serve flavours, from earl grey lavender to seasalt gula melaka, and an eye-popping number of toppings that can be added on (almost overwhelming the soft serve!), including lavender konnyaku, soufflé cheesecake, and caramel pearls.

Tue-Fri 4pm-9.30pm, Sat-Sun 12pm-10pm. #01-52 Chip Bee Gardens, 44 Jalan Merah Saga. Tel:6479 9166


3. Godiva

Price: $8 for a cone

You may know Godiva well for its famous chocolates, but did you know that they also serve soft serve? The decadent and rich chocolate ice cream is drizzled with chocolate sauce and served atop a crispy waffle cone edged with crunchy chocolate bits, and can only be found at this outlet. With its generous serving portion of chocolate soft serve and high price point (you could buy two plates of chicken rice!), this is definitely one made for the chocolate lovers.

Basement 2 Takashimaya Department Store, 391 Orchard Road. Tel: 6738 3657


2. Honey Crà¨me

Price: Cone or cup from $4.60 to $6.20

Honey Creme is the newest name in town and honestly, we’re enamoured–get the firm, smooth soft serve (just the right amount of milkiness and slightly nutty) in a cup or a crispy cone (imported from Korea) with chocolate in its sides. The highlight here is the array of toppings: You can have your soft serve topped with freshly made cotton candy with a sprinkling of Himalayan sea salt on top, or have it deliciously sweetened with sticky organic honeycomb imported from New Zealand. But beware, it melts a little too quickly, which is why there’s a funny little drip-catching cut-out attached to each cone.

Daily 11am-10pm. #01-37 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road. Tel: 6884 8468


1. Tsujiri

Price: Cone or cup from $4.50, floats from $6.20, parfaits from $7.20

Matcha enthusiasts will be familiar with Tsujiri and its fragrant o-maccha (made from the same Kyoto-imported green tea powder as its beverages) and vanilla soft serves. The matcha soft serve is fragrant rather than sweet, and the vanilla soft serve similarly retains a nutty milkiness without being too sweet. We love: The shiratama parfait, topped with chewy mocha balls and liquid azuki (red bean), or the chiffon cake parfait, that comes with a ball of anko (red bean) that complements the o-maccha ice cream. Psst: Until end-December, Tsujiri is also serving up a new extra large soft serve cone that comes with toppings!

Daily 10am-10pm. #01-14 100AM, 100 Tras Street. Tel: 65436110