The lowdown on Oriole Coffee’s and Arteastiq’s new digs.

Top image: Arteastiq Boutique Tea House


We visited Oriole Coffee + Bar at their new Capitol Piazza’s digs for their signature Taisho coffee and small plates like soba salad and Portobello confit sandwich. The outlet’s exclusives include Oriole’s angel cake ($14) and waffles, ice cream and caramelised banana ($14). Have the signature in-house cold brewed coffee in black ($6), white ($7) or with M.A.D. milk ($8). #02- 20/21 Capitol Piazza Neue, 13 Stamford Road. Tel: 6384 6495


Look to Arteastiq Boutique Tea House at Plaza Singapura for a pleasing modern Franco-Chinois design in predominantly black and white and an all-new creative menu of rustic and homestyle comfort food such as Louisiana Love ($22, chicken and waffles), Summer in Provence (foie gras) and The French Connection (strip loin). Do check out the new programme Artepret, a fun bonding art-science activity which fuses the cafe’s signature art jamming with personality profiling for a better understanding of you and your team mates. #03-70/72 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road. Tel: 6336 0952