Fluffy, moist and eggy, these Japanese-inspired cakes are officially addictive.

Good news: now there’s no need to travel far and wide for the infamous Castella cake that has gone viral on Instagram and Facebook. The Le Castella brand from Taiwan has brought its bestselling product to Singapore.

You’d have seen the hype and viral videos about these jiggly spongey Castella cakes that look like they are made of jello.

Castella cakes are actually moist, eggy sponge cakes that became popular in Japan after being introduced by the Portuguese. Refined and made better in Taiwan, now it’s in Singapore!

The accuracy and precision of the employees as they slice the cake is amazing. Each section measures 23cm x 13cm and comes in Original ($9.90) and Cheese ($11.90).

Original Castella cake is not only moist and incredibly spongey, it has a big eggy flavour that just boasts richness in every bite.

On the other hand, the gorgeous cheese version has a gooey layer of cheesiness that oozes upon cutting into it.

You want more, you say?

Le Castella will soon be introducing a new flavour which is almost everyone’s favourite—chocolate!

We would suggest joining the queue only if you’ve time on your hands as each freshly backed batch takes quite a while to prepare. They’ve just opened on 10 May, so we’re sure that it will be packed for the next few weeks. Do go early or off-peak to try your luck.

#B1-32 Tampines One, 10 Tampines Central 1

FB: @LeCastellaSG

Opening hours: Daily 10am-10pm