Chef Daniel Tay launches two new flagships in Clark Quay Central

Chef Daniel Tay, founder of popular patisserie-café Bakerzin, launched two new flagship stores in Clarke Quay on 7 January, so we decided to check them out. From their humble roots as online stores, their popularity and success has resulted in cheesecake store Cat & the Fiddle and traditional bakery Old Seng Choong boasting dazzling storefronts at The Central, with exciting hands-on activities and one-of-a-kind treats awaiting customers.

Cat & the Fiddle

With more than 15 flavours of cheesecake available, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Can’t make up your mind? Worry not, for Cat & The Fiddle has the perfect solution – their bestselling Fickle Feline ($48.90), with 10 slices of different-flavoured cheesecakes assembled to form a whole cake. While the online store offers two versions (original with 4 alcohol-infused slices; or only non-alcoholic flavours), here at the store, you get free reign to mix and match your own unique cheesecake wheel.

Let your creative side run wild at their DIY cake-pop counter. Drizzle your cheesecake lolly ($7.50) in rich chocolate sauce, and decorate it with their wide array of candy, nuts and sprinkles. This is truly one for the gram, so don’t be afraid to unleash the social media Picasso within you.

What’s even more exciting is that they have their very own 3D printer. To print what you say? Chocolate and marzipan figurines of course! For only $2 and up, choose from their pre-set design menu or design your own, unique, edible cake topper.

The fun doesn’t stop there – there’s also an interactive touch-screen where you can snap a quick photo and print your personalized gift card for $4.50. Keep the kids occupied with a puzzle game for them to fiddle around with.

While we can always trust the Cat & Fiddle’s online store for quality cheesecakes, we all agree the retail store is much more fun!

Old Seng Choong

After indulging in all those cheesecakes, head directly opposite to Old Seng Choong for a dose of good ol’ Singaporean nostalgia. Reviving his dad’s old bakery, Tay succeeds the family business with a spanking new brick-and-mortar store two years after the launch of the online shop. Furnished with marble and mosaic, and stationed with a kacang puteh station and a pushcart full of cookies, Old Seng Choong’s storefront boasts a swanky interior where a traditional Singapore bakery meets an English teahouse.

At Old Seng Choong, they pride themselves on using only the best natural ingredients with no artificial flavouring (eg. only butter, not margarine) so you can bet on these little bite-sized bakes to pack a flavourful punch. Even their homemade pineapple drink is brewed overnight in order to extract the natural fruity sweetness to turn into a refreshing summer drink to combat Singapore’s humid weather.

Walking into the store we were greeted with a myriad of colourful cookie tins. Consisting of three different flavour categories, these gorgeous tins are filled with a spectrum of locally-inspired cookies ranging from savoury to sweet ($18.80 to $19.80 per can).

The savoury flavours are intriguing. The Laksa cookies from the Katong Breakfast series were outstanding, with their crumbly texture and complex flavours with the infusion of belacan and lemongrass. From the Changi picnic series, the Satay cookies stood out for their distinct spiced peanut sauce flavour, and the Bak Kut Teh cookies come close second for their notable peppery broth aroma.

The Gula Melaka cookies were our favourite sweet cookie flavour, for that inimitable dark caramel-ly sweetness speckled within each cookie. If you’re looking for something more traditional, choose between their Earl Grey and Lavender cookies from the Botanic Flora Series – they’re both equally aromatic and tasty.

These cookie tins make gorgeous gifts for Chinese New Year, but you can’t miss their new bakes for the upcoming festive season too.

Their pineapple tarts are essentially nuggets of smooth, sweet pineapple jam enveloped in buttery crumbly pastry. The Orange Peel pineapple flavour was our favourite ($28.80 for 10 pieces). The soft candied orange peel provided light citrusy notes that really complemented the nectarine conserve and prevented the filling from being overly cloying. They carry other flavours too (from $24.80 to $28.80), like Bakkwa and Yuzu pineapple tarts. The Nyonya pineapple tarts are also unique, with the addition of hae bee hiam (dried shrimp chilli paste) to give the tarts an extra kick. Get a box to really spice up your Chinese New Year reunion.

That’s not all they have to offer for the festive season ahead. Alongside their regular butter cakes, Old Seng Choong retails festive cakes like carrot cake, red date cake and even a dessicated coconut-dusted nian gao. Their yam cake in particular, is a force to be reckoned with. Prepared following a cherished recipe by Chef Tay’s mom, the yam cake is light and moist with chunks of purple yam embedded within it. With a sprinkling of hae bee (dried shrimp) throughout, the flavour is fragrant without being overly salty, and tastes just like home.

Whether you prefer modern cheesecakes with hands-on activities, or a taste of local heritage with a twist, both outlets deliver uncompromised fun and flavour in the heart of Clarke Quay.

Cat & the Fiddle: 6 Eu Tong Sen St, #01-41, Clarke Quay Central
Old Seng Choong: 01-48, 6 Eu Tong Sen St, Clarke Quay Central