Don’t miss out on the coolest openings in the last quarter, with frozen treats from the U.S. and Korea reaching our shores.

Craving something sweet on a hot summer afternoon? These 5 delectable ice creams, gelato and soft serves, from the newest frozen dessert parlours in town, are ready to dazzle with their creative flavours and ingredients (also, the perfect snack for your in-between shopping break!)

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Kiss the Tiramisu

Popular Korean dessert shop, Kiss The Tiramisu, recently opened its doors in mid-October, at Orchard Gateway. This elegant soft serve combines the decadence of the popular Italian dessert, tiramisu with soft creamy vanilla ice cream. The dessert is served in a glass with gold decals, with layers of soft serve, mascarpone cheese, cookie bits, coffee liquor and more soft serve. Finally, finished off with a generous dusting of cocoa powder and chocolate shavings. Two other alternative flavours are also available at this outlet, banana and berries. #01-15,Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Road.


Original tart from Yogurtland.


Hailing from USA, Yogurtland has finally reached the sunny shores of Singapore. With over 200 flavour selections of frozen yoghurt, you’ll surely be spoilt for choice. Expect to see rotating flavours every three weeks at the brightly lit Suntec City outlet, and eight flavours are offered each time out of their large array. Yoghurt prices start from $3.00 per 100g, with a delightful topping bar filled with both healthy and indulgent options such as fresh fruits, nuts, a variety of chocolates, cookies, and delicious syrups. #B1-165/166, Fountain Court, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard.


Koko white cremo with dried fruits.


Want your ice cream and yoghurt fix at the same time? Kokopanda’s the place to be. There are 3 different soft serves: Koko Black Yogo–a black yoghurt made from roasted coconut husks that contain an edible charcoal that aids in digestion and detox, Koko White Cremo–a white, creamy soft serve made using Korean milk for a silky texture. The signature Koko Twisto is a monochrome medley between the two, with the richness of the ice cream balancing perfectly with the subtle tartness of the yoghurt. Delectable toppings include jelly pearls, rice grain granola and premium dried fruits from Korea such as snow pear, Jeju tangerines and strawberries. They also have a selection of drinks like coconut water with chia seeds, fruit vinegar and enzyme drinks (great for digestion!) and various teas. #B2-60 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road.


HIC Pop’s colourful medley of treats.


From the makers of fine pressed juices, HIC is now rolling out a new series of frozen treats. Now offering two healthier options to cool off in our tropical heat–HIC pops and HIC Freeze. Made with HIC’s signature cold pressed juices, HIC pops are the latest range of refreshing, frozen popsicles, available in six flavours. For those in the mood to indulge, HIC Freeze is our range of vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free ice cream that comes in four delectable flavours.

Available at their shops including The Pantry by HIC at #B1-K9 Raffles City, 252 North Bridge Road.


Popbar’s selection of customizable gelato sticks.

Pop Bar

Opened since September 2016, this delightful dessert outlet from the U.S. is reinventing the gelato scene with “deliciousness on a stick” Gelato sticks are made fresh daily, and are fully customisable to your preference with various dippings and poppings. Customers can choose between the refreshing fruity flavours of a popSobetto, the decadent creaminess of a popGelato, or the lighter guilt-free yogurtPop; these treats are all natural and gluten free, with vegan and non-dairy options available. Keep your eyes peeled for unique local flavours that were specially concocted for the Singapore outlet. #B2-64 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road.