From a swanky new food market to a decadent pizza joint, Korean gastrobar, Louisiana seafood eatery and more.

Hansul Korean Dining Bar

Hansul Korean Dining Bar serves up one of the most extensive list of Korean liqueurs that we’ve ever seen. This is the H Group’s third restaurant following Guksu and Kimchi, and it specialises in hwa-ro charcoal-cooked dishes. Boneless beef short rib wrapped with enoki mushroom ($6) and pork belly wrapped with king oyster mushroom ($4) skewers hit the spot, alongside crispy potato pancake with egg and Parmesan ($9.90). The truffle someon ‘fries’ ($6) are actually thin deep-fried noodles, making for a lighter snack, while crisp well-seasoned octopus tempura ($9) was the most addictive item. Its opening hours from 5pm-6am is perfect for night owls looking for dinner and supper. #01-05 21 Tanjong Pagar. Tel: 6906 7088

Cajun on Wheels

The second outlet of Cajun On Wheels channels the vibe of a gourmet food truck, bringing Creole seafood in a bucket, seafood platters and burgers to Plaza Singapura. With sauces to choose from including signature Cajun cheese and sambal tumis, this Halal-certified joint serves up sharing-worthy buckets such as their mussels stew ($21.90), a strong tomato-based stew that melds well with the sweetness of the mussels, and Oh Crab ($59), juicy Sri Lankan crab, baby potatoes, corn and chicken spam fries covered in your choice of sauce. For a luxe treat, Crusty C.O.W Burger ($39.90) boasts freshly grilled lobster atop a thick beef patty. #03-92 Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road.

Wild Market

Wild Market by army buddies Elliot Chia and Ruben Brandon, is an eclectic dining concept with nine unique hawker stalls. Don’t miss A Ceylonese Affair’s appam—a traditional Ceylonese snack made from fermented rice and coconut, with poached egg ($3.80). Local favourites come with a twist, like speciality salted egg sauce carrot cake ($5) from Ding’s Carrot Cake. Fresh food, value for money, daily live music and an upcoming beer garden make this unique 160-seater dining concept the place to be. [We have the full low-down on the 9 stalls here.] #01-27/37 Shaw Tower, 100 Beach Road. Tel: 9247 5319

eGrill & Piza

Nestled in The Cathay, eGrill & Piza offers affordable Japanese-style pizzas and skewers. Topped with bonito flakes, the salmon mentai pizza ($15.90) features salmon chunks, button mushrooms, mozzarella and Grana Padano all coming together with a luscious mentai sauce. Their skewers are grilled using RoboQ, an innovative eGrill system from Hong Kong, that ensures that moisture is retained in each skewer during the grilling process. Try out their grilled mackerel skewer and salmon belly fin skewer at $3.90 each. #B1- 01/02/03 The Cathay, 2 Handy Road.

Don Meijin

Enjoy one dish in two ways as Don Meijin replicates Japan’s tradition of tendon. Top up $2 to the signature tendon ($13.80), and have your fill of tempura battered vegetables and seafood drizzled in savoury tendon sauce. Now here’s the twist—before you polish off the bed of Japanese rice, stir in some rice crisps for added crunch, a dash of wasabi to taste, and drench it in a light dashi broth for a soupy finish. Other must-try rice bowls include the mille feuille katsu don ($12.80) and spicy chilli crab tendon ($14.80). Ramen Champion, #04-10 Bugis+, 201 Victoria Street