The popular pizza chain has opened in Yishun, bringing Korean-style pizza, fried chicken and more to Singapore.

The Korean (food) Wave shows no signs of dying down and popular award-winning pizza chain Pizza Maru is the latest offering from The Land of the Morning Calm to hit Singapore. Their first outlet is located in the confusing maze that is the basement of Northpoint City, Yishun – look out for all the other Korean eateries to find Pizza Maru tucked at the back.

The Real BBQ Chicago Pizza is full of cheesy, BBQ goodness.

With a distinctly Korean twist on their pizzas, we were given the chance to try the Real BBQ Chicago Pizza ($26.80 for a regular 9-inch pizza) and the Mango Ocean ($$19.80 for regular 9 inch pizza, $23.80 for large 12 inch pizza) with the Gold Edge Crust (add on for $3.20 for 9 inch pizza, $5.50 for 12 inch pizza). These pizzas are unique as they combine Asian flavours into the pizza dough – black rice goes into the Chicago Pizza Range (available in six flavours) and green tea into their patented Green Tea Wellbeing pizza dough for the Premium Pizza Range (available in seven flavours which includes the Mango Ocean).

The odd sounding Mango Ocean pizza combines mango, seafood and Spicy Buldak sauce, to make a surprisingly tasty pizza.

Mango isn’t an obvious choice for pizza, but strangely enough the combination of shrimp, scallop, squid, onion, mushroom, mango, black Olive, broccoli, pilaf sauce, Spicy Buldak Sauce, and mozzarella cheese in the Mango Ocean worked. The mango gives it a sweet touch, deceiving you into thinking everything is going to be alright, before your tongue starts burning with the Spicy Buldak Sauce. The sweet potato filling inside the Gold Edge Crust was also a pleasant surprise, and worked well with the cheese, although pizza purists may not like the extra sweetness it adds to the pizza.

The Real BBQ Chicago Pizza was a cheese overload, consisting of double mozzarella cheese, string cheese, cream cheese mousse, chicken chunks, roasted onion, mushroom, tomato, potato, honey, almond flakes, icing sugar, and BBQ sauce. While the dough was delightfully fluffy and sweet, we weren’t a fan of the almond flakes that cover the crust.

The Bibimbap Spam Tower is great for sharing with friends and on social media.

The Instagram-worthy Bibimbap Spam Tower ($12.80) is a perfect dish for sharing with friends, with chicken spam, fried kimchi, bell peppers, onion, cabbage, mushroom, a fried egg, seaweed and potato crisps balanced on top of rice and seaweed. The tower is drizzled in Sriracha sauce and parmesan cheese, though the Sriracha sauce isn’t overly spicy and is balanced out by the cheese.

Singaporeans have another reason to celebrate, for Pizza Maru Singapore also offers a wide range of delicious Korean fried chicken, as well as a variety of pasta – something Pizza Maru in Korea doesn’t have.

The Honey Butter Coat chicken during the tasting session at Pizza Maru, accompanied by refreshing Korean pickles.

We tried three types of fried chicken (each of them cost $16.80 for 6 pieces, $29.80 for 12 pieces): the Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong, Honey Butter Coat and Onion Tartar fried chicken. All three were perfectly crisp with juicy meat lying beneath the crunchy skin. The Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong certainly lived up to its name – with spicy sauce drizzled on top of the chicken, this is sure to please those who love their meals with an extra kick.

The Honey Butter Coat chicken was both sweet and savoury, and a tad bit cheesy (it may just be the powder they sprinkle on top), and the Onion Tartar chicken was covered in a generous portion of onion tartar sauce.

After such a big feast, it was hard to finish the equally large (and diabetes inducing) Poppilicious ($10.90) – sea salt caramel ice cream, covered in popcorn drizzled with caramel syrup, with layers of caramel powder and shaved ice underneath the blob of ice cream. If you love sugar, this dessert is for you.

The vibrant Love Land mocktail and the milky Sweet Potato Latte.

Pizza Maru has a selection of mocktails, each named after a place in Korea. We decided to try Love Land ($6.90), which was a pretty shade of pink and tasted of berries. As a sweet potato fan, the Iced Sweet Potato Latte ($6.90) was a little too milky – more sweet potato flavour would have been better – but it helped to offset the spiciness of the food. It also comes with three small rice cakes filled with sweet potato paste – the rice cakes were a little too thick and chewy, with not enough paste.

If Yishun is too far for even Korean pizza, worry not, for we hear they are planning to open another outlet somewhere a little more central next year. Note: Pizza Maru Singapore is pork-free and is currently applying for Halal certification.

1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-192/193, Northpoint City (South Wing). Tel: 6254 4307.