This confection is impossibly simple yet inexplicably delicious.

Ah Mah egg sponge cake is a phenomenon that began in Malaysia in April and is fast expanding internationally. There are now 20 stalls in Malaysia and, in the span of just one month, three outlets in Singapore. Subsequent targets for expansion include China, Thailand and Australia.

Ah Mah egg sponge cake, original ($8)

The ultra-fluffy confection is originally from from Danshui, Taiwan. With only three ingredients—milk, eggs and flour—the egg sponge cake brings baking back to basics but with precise, perfected techniques takes it to new heights of texture and flavour. What results is a simple but heavenly treat: eggy, slightly sweet, and light as a feather.

As for how this cake compares with Japanese Castella, chef Jim Wong told us that the key difference is that Castella uses whole eggs, whereas Ah Mah egg sponge cake whips and folds in the egg whites separately. This, together with a higher liquid content, creates the cake’s signature light texture.

Ah Mah egg sponge cake, cheese ($11)

The cake comes in 9×6×5-inch blocks, and is currently available in two flavours: original ($8) and cheese ($11), which has cheddar slices embedded within and grated Parmesan sprinkled on top. Look out for a chicken floss version coming your way soon by the end of August.

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