Yummy snacks to get you through the day

Instagram is exploding with Prima Deli’s newest pastries–the lava cheese tart original ($2.40) and salted yolk lava cheese tart ($2.80)–and it’s no surprise why. While both tarts boast a creamy cheese filling, the latter has a decadent salted yolk centre that lends contrast to the sweet cheese. Pop it in the microwave for about two minutes and be rewarded with a molten cheesy core as you bite into the buttery shortcrust pastry. At all outlets.

Crystal Jade presents two new dumplings this Dragon Boat Festival. Catering to young and old is the moreish black rice dumpling with baby abalone ($12.90) that’s made with a mix of white and black glutinous rice with baby abalone studded throughout. Another must-try is the deluxe rice dumpling with conpoy ($16.90) that encapsulates the flavour of the sea from the dried scallops. Prefer traditional bak zhangs? Fret not– the best-selling rice dumpling with pork ($6.90) and sweet rice dumpling with red bean paste ($4.90) continues to be a mainstay. Available 13 May-9 June at all Crystal Jade restaurants and bakery outlets.