New creations to swoon over as you admire the full moon this month.

Top image: Jack’s Place

We go yin yang with Jack’s Place‘s Creative Fusion duo of bamboo charcoal and pure white cranberry lotus. The former contains gold flakes and dried scallop lotus paste, while the latter has bursts of tangy dried apricot and sunflower seeds and is baked with Chinese flour and honey ($11.50/pc or $45.80/4pcs). /


Do try PrimaDéli‘s five new snowskin mooncake flavours: Thai milk tea with black pearl, tiramisu, cookies and cream, peanut butter crunch and chocolate mint (from $5.60/pc for mini, $12.20/pc for regular).


Did we hear ice cream? Swensen’s SG50 Moon Gems feature our iconic Merlion in three fresh flavours: Crunchy Milo, Lychee Dreams and Yummy Yam ($35.80/box of four).