A one-of-a-kind craft beer experience waiting for all beer lovers, be it newbie or connoisseur.

Set up in Western Australia by a group of beer enthusiasts, Little Creatures brings unique experiences to the flourishing craft beer scene in our little red dot, complete with an in-house micro-brewery.

Serrano Pizza ($27)

Apart from the eatery’s extensive line of beers, customers can look forward to Little Creatures’ Australian take on a Mediterranean-inspired dishes, like the juicy Lamb & Chicken Skewers ($27), drizzled with appetising chimichurri sauce. Other options include the savoury Serrano Pizza ($27) and decadent Tomato Burrata ($22).

Fried Man Tou ($19)

Some dishes even include a Singaporean twist, such as the Chicken Rice Risotto ($26). At first, it seemed illogical for ‘chicken rice’ and ‘risotto’ to be mashed together. However, the dish’s strong chicken flavour coupled with the creamy texture of the risotto impressed our local palates. Similarly, the Fried Man Tou ($19), paired with a bowl of rich chilli crab sauce is crispy, and a melt-in-your-mouth centre.

Pilsner (from $12)

Don’t leave without trying the beers. The hoppy Little Creatures Pilsner (from $12) comes with a hint of floral notes, satisfying even those new to craft beers. For a more interesting brew, challenge your taste buds with the seasonal House Brew (from $11). For a non-boozy refresher, go for the fruity Salted Lychee Soda ($6).

36 Club St. Tel: 6239 0350