This Australian restaurant and cafe offers a decadent all-day breakfast menu, tantalising over the top milkshakes and succulent steaks and chicken.

RT sandwich 2_rsz

Sandwiches, Wraps and Burgers

Two words: garlic fries. Most of the items in this section are accompanied by real potato, thick-cut, crisp and more-ish fries with melt-in-your-mouth garlic cloves still in skin. You’ll get it when you order the new crispy fish sandwich ($19.80), comprising breaded snapper, pineapple and chilli salsa fresca on brioche, or the Aussie Wagyu beef burger ($26), with emmental cheese, mushrooms, fried egg and red wine sauce.

All-Day Breakfast

While the baristas still ensure you get your freshly crafted coffee with beautiful latte art ($7), there’s much more on the menu for discerning diners. Whether you’re a granola & berries ($13) or 120-day ribeye steak ($26) fan, you’ll find both on the menu! No kidding, the granola & berries have that wholesome touch from Greek-style yoghurt and honey, but it was the steak that satisfied our meat-loving streak–who doesn’t love a hearty grilled ribeye, with pimento cream sauce, toasted brioche, arugula, sautéed mushrooms and choice of eggs? It still has all the elements of a wholesome breakfast, but one that keeps you going at any time of day.

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Lite Bites

We’re BiTES magazine, of course we have to mention this. Don’t miss the new items of chicken wings ($12) that were perfectly smothered with smoked bell pepper sauce, with cabbage slaw for tanginess, and the sautéed onion and herb mushrooms ($9). The large basket of French fries ($11) is popular, with garlic ($1), cheese sauce ($2) and truffle oil and parmesan ($2) variants.

Salads and Soups

The new organic quinoa salad ($16) here was a surprise find, with most of us reaching back for it even with 10 other dishes on the table. It’s a thoughtful composition of red quinoa, firm slices of avocado, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, toasted almonds, dried cranberries, romaine lettuce, baby spinach, arugula and citrus vinaigrette. For those who love salad as a main course, the perennial favourite of Robert Timms’ roasted chicken salad ($17.50) makes it easy to go paleo with generous slices of chicken, mango, cherry tomato, capsicum, and romaine and butterhead lettuce, with honey mustard mayonnaise and balsamic vinaigrette for a more robust balance to the hearty ingredients.

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Over The Top Milkshakes

The menu descriptions of the very trendy, very now Over The Top Milkshakes ($16 each) don’t give away much, but the pictures reveal all. It’s a full dessert in a cup, whether you go for the Rocky Timms, Vanilla Bonbon Strawberry, Whoopee Banana Popcorn or Cocoa Carousel–the latter comes with wafer sticks, Oreos, brownie and pretzels, all freshly assembled so you can enjoy nibbling on every element (it’s not just for show!).

House of Robert Timms is at two locations including #01-02/03 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road (Tel: 6735 9201) and #01-361/362 Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard. Tel: 6338 7758