A – Ambeng
Makan at: Ambeng Café by Ummi Abdullah
01-65 East Village Upper Changi Road. Tel: 6755 4225
Food always tastes better when shared and what better dish than a Nasi Ambeng Trio Set ($49)! Beware the queues, but once you snag a seat, everyone will be digging into ayam kalio, beef rendang, sambal sotong, sambal goreng, and paru. Our personal favourite? The sambal ikan bilis.

B – Beef Briyani Burrito
Makan at: Afterwit
778 North Bridge Road. Tel: 6299 3508
What’s the fuss about this halal Mexican eatery? Just wait till you sink your teeth into the Beef Briyani Burrito ($17)–a fusion of two iconic dishes. This is one dish that will fill you up and go ole with the fragrant basmati rice and big chunk of beef in it.

C – Claypot Chicken Rice
Makan at: Encik Tan
B1-41/42 Bedok Mall 311 New Upper Changi Road. Tel: 6779 8980
We actually LOVE claypot rice but it’s so difficult to find a halal version in Singapore. Thankfully, local hawker food chain Encik Tan has us covered with their Claypot Chicken Rice ($5.50) served steaming hot and doused in with dark soy sauce. Absolutely delicious!

D – Donuts with Salted Egg Yolk
Makan at: FIX HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse
31 Ah Hood Road. Tel: 6397 5662
We simply can’t get enough of salted egg yolk dishes–one of the first we ever tried was the Donuts with Salted Egg Yolk Dip ($6) at FIX. Sweet, salty, crispy and addictive, it goes well with a cuppa coffee.

E – Elotes
Makan at: El Cubanos
244 Jalan Kayu. Tel: 9338 0936
So you came here for the Cuban-style pressed sandwiches, but then discovered the elotes ($3)? Join the fan club! The Mexican street snack takes on a Cuban touch–it’s basically grilled corn
slathered with butter, mayonnaise, lime juice and chilli powder.

H – Heisenberger
Makan at: The Lab
#01-01 1 Jalan Pisang. Tel: 6299 5681
The Lab is an experimental joint, and their signature Heisenberger ($12.90) was named after TV show Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg character (who worked in a lab, geddit?) Call it anything you like though, this is an experiment gone right! Chomp on a thick 6oz beef patty, tomato salsa, a beef bacon strip and blue cheese dressing, with sweet potato fries on the side.

I – Ispahan Cake
Makan at: Butter Studio
147 Jalan Besar. Tel: 6294 7115
A cake with an exotic name (harking to the historic Iran city and its namesake rose) and great flavour–everything we wanted in our slice of Lady Ispahan ($7.90). This lychee rose cake is gorgeous to look at and even better to eat with its luscious fresh lychee infused frosting.

J – Jjajang Myeon
Makan at: Jinjja Chicken
249 Victoria Street
Walk in for the superb Korean fried chicken and a bowl of the iconic Jjajang Myeon ($7.50)–made famous thanks to Korean dramas. Generally eaten to commemorate Singles Day in Korea, this thick comforting soybean paste ramen is enjoyable with its sweet-salty sauce, and is served vegetarian style.

K – Kaisen Don
Makan at: The Ramen Stall
787 North Bridge Road. Tel: 6655 0800
One of the newest items on the menu, the kaisen don ($16.90) is a sashimi rice bowl that’s sure to appeal to fans of Japanese food. Tuck in a hearty rice bowl topped with cubed pieces of salmon, tuna and tamago. Best of all, it’s open till 6am for those late-night hunger pangs!

L – Lemper Ayam
Makan at: Ratu Lemper
Tel: 9885 2678
This popular Indonesian snack may be simple to make, but it can be quite difficult to find one that’s lip-smacking. Head to Ratu Lemper for one of the best lemper ayam ($25 for set of 10 original, 10 spicy and 13 nagasari) in town. These little glutinous rice cakes with generous chicken floss fillings are perfect for office parties, and we’re pleased to report that the pulut stays soft and pliable.

F – Famous Satay Burger
Makan at: Famous Satay Burger at pasar malam stalls (email: satayburger@gmail.com)
Everybody loves satay and now we can enjoy it in burger form too. The Famous Satay Burger ($5) is the real deal–thick patty of meat (beef, chicken or mutton) marinated with authentic satay spices and a tasty peanut sauce.

G – Garlic Chilli Cuka
Makan at: Badoque Café
298 Bedok Road (Tel: 6446 6928), 246 Upper Thomson Road (Tel: 6552 1646)
These baby octopi are almost too cute to eat but they are super sedap. Garlic Chili Cuka ($7.50) is seasoned simply and has just the right balance of chilli and garlic. Cuka here refers to the octopus, and not vinegar like we first thought!

M – Murtaburger
Makan at: The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Avenue. Tel: 6459 5670
Here’s a dish that has recently taken social media by storm even though it’s been around for quite a while. The Murtaburger ($7) combines murtabak and burger
with a tasty lamb patty, mayonnaise, chilli sauce and a whole load of mozzarella.

N – Nasi Lemak Risotto
Makan at: Hyde & Co.
785 North Bridge Road. Tel: 6635 5785
There’s no fusion confusion when it comes to the nasi lemak risotto ($21) at this recently halal certified café that first opened in 2014. The rich creamy rice, which sadly won’t be available during Ramadhan, is infused with coconut and topped with sambal prawns, crispy fried anchovies and a runny poached egg.

O – Overdose
Makan at: Ooriginal
#01-14 East Village 430 Upper Changi Road. Tel: 9651 0303
Finally, we won’t need to cross the Causeway to get our hands on this drink that’s taken both cities by storm. Get your Overdose ($5) fix at Ooriginal café–there’s a choice of chocolate, hazelnut, matcha and even durian coffee.

P – Poseidon Bucket
Makan at: Cajun on Wheels
01-455 PasarBella @ Suntec City, 3 Temasek Boulevard
Here’s another dish that’s perfect for sharing with a group–The Poseidon Bucket ($108) at Cajun on Wheels is a force to be reckoned with. Dig into fresh seafood like prawns, clams, mussels and strips of chicken spam fries (oh yes!). But the hardest part is choosing from a range of sauces including salted egg yolk and sambal belacan.

Q – Queen of Philly Cheesesteak
Makan at: The Cheesesteak Shop
#01-10 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Place. Tel: 9027 5626
The Queen of Philly Cheesesteak ($17.90) has strips of thin sliced beef, onions and a whole lot of American white cheese in a 7-inch loaf bun–you’re definitely in for a filling and satisfying meal. You can customise a huge variety of fillings and extra stuffings to your heart’s content too.

R – Rojak Fondue
Makan at: Ministry of Rojak
#01-30 White Sands Shopping Centre, 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3
A twist on the favourite Indian rojak, Abdhus Salam has come up with the inventive Rojak Fondue ($35). Pile on your favourite items like wadeh, fried dough balls, potatoes and more, and enjoy it with the sweet potato gravy in a bubbling fondue in the middle of your platter.

S – Smorgasbord
Makan at: FIKA
#01-02 Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard. Tel: 6336 7234
FIKA offers authentic Swedish fare. One of their signatures is the Smorgasbord ($69.90) which is a traditional Swedish platter with tasty treats including meats, cold cuts, smoked salmon and their famous Swedish meatballs too. It’s good for a hungry group to share.

T – Tulang Merah
Makan at: M.A. Deen Biasa
95/97 Jalan Sultan. Tel: 6392 2712
One of our favourite dishes ever–tulang merah ($10)! Mutton bones are cooked for hours in a sweet and spicy gravy and the result is sheer pleasure. You can still enjoy some of the meat on the bones but the treasure is the bone marrow within. Enjoy with slices of French loaf to soak up all that gravy.

U – UYI Giant Squid
Makan at: UYI
#B1-K5 Bugis Junction 200 Victoria Street
UYI Giant Squid ($6.80) has made its way from pasar malams to its own store in Bugis–yay! This Japanese street snack sees a giant squid battered and deep fried to crispy perfection. Bite in for that satisfying crunch and great flavour thanks to the seasoning powder you can choose. P.S. this squid is probably bigger than your head!

V – Volcano Ayam
Makan at: Swensen’s outlets including
#B1-64 Jurong Point, 63 Jurong West Central 3. Tel: 6795 2187
Part of Swensen’s Around the World in More Than 80 Days, Volcano Ayam ($14.90) is available only in June and features their delicious fried chicken with a special spicy chilli sauce. The fried chicken itself is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and all-round bagus.

W – Waffles & Ice Cream
Makan at: Gelare outlets including
#02-27 The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green. Tel: 6268 8352
This oldie but goodie has been serving up classic waffles and ice cream ($17.90) since 1986, and received its Halal certification a few years ago. Choose a waffle treat from the menu, or build your own with choice of waffle base, sauces, toppings and ice cream. Tip: halfpriced waffles every Tuesday!

X – XO Beef Fried Rice
Makan at: Tang Tea House
359 Bedok Road
Did you think we’d be stuck at X? Tang Tea House has an extensive menu (including dim sum) and one of its most popular dishes is the Chinese-style XO Beef Fried Rice ($5.50 per person, larger servings available) served in a mini wok. Ask for extra spicy if you’d like that extra kick to go with your morsels of beef and bean sprouts with fragrant rice. And don’t worry, there’s no actual XO in the dish.

Y – Ya-Chae Bap
Makan at: Seoul Garden HotPot
#01-112 IMM Building, 2 Jurong East Street 21. Tel: 6566 8339
Ya-Chae what? It’s actually none other than bibimbap, our favourite Korean dish because it’s a big complete meal in one bowl! The Ya-Chae Bap ($10.90) at Seoul Garden Hotpot is the vegetable version and consists of spinach, beansprouts and kimchi–your vegetarian friends will love it.

Z – Zaru Soba
Makan at: Gion Dining Royal Plaza on Scotts
25 Scotts Road. Tel: 6735 6100
Sometimes, simple is best. The Zaru Soba ($12) at Gion Dining is a great example of this. This cold noodle dish has two varieties of buckwheat noodles–plain and green tea–and comes with only the dipping sauce (Fun Fact: the dipping sauce is known as ’Tsuyu’). Slurp it up for the full experience.