The launch of Hokkaido’s cheese tart, BAKE, in Ion Orchard has taken Singapore by storm, with many cafes and restaurants joining the cheese tart trend including BreadTalk, PrimaDeli and newly opened Tarta.

We won’t deny, we are cheese fanatics. Give us a platter of fresh cheese  or any dish with raclette and we will–if we may be so bold–love you forever. Which is why we  were so happy when BAKE, a well-known  confectionery in Hokkaido, decided to open a store  at Ion Orchard! It was all because of them (and their hour-long queues that indicated a demand)  the delicious cheese tarts started popping up at various bakeries and cafes in the city.

BAKE Cheese Tart

The cheese tart to rule them all; they were the reason why the entire nation went  ga-ga over cheese tarts!  The seduction of BAKE’s light and fluffy, cheesy mousse-like filling with the ultimate crunchy cookie-base is real!  Its recipe and bake processes are adopted straight from Hokkaido; spending $3.50 per piece and a two-hour wait beats a six-hour flight to Japan just to taste it. #B4-33 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn.



Recently opened in August in the revamped VivoCity basement, Tarta rolls out freshly-baked delectable treats. Adopting the similar double-bake process, Tarta Cheese Tarts ($3.20) are the closest we could find to BAKE. #B2-K19 VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk. Tel: 6225 8827


Crusty Oven

It doesn’t get any closer to the good ol’ taste of home than the pastries from this neighbourhood bakery, Crusty Oven. Take delight in affordable baked treats, with each recipe passionately put together, such as in the Blueberry Cheese Tart ($1.80) — a traditional tart with cream cheese filling and a blueberry jam surprise in the centre. #01-442 505A Bishan Street 11. Tel: 8511 1005



If you think baked cheese tarts are unpretentious treats, think again. Other than deciding on the flavours — Original or Golden Lava ($2), BreadTalk recommends four different ways you can devour them — hot, warm, chilled or frozen. Take your taste buds on a tasty trip with the creamy filling, added tanginess and crisp buttery crust that come together in the perfect combination of textures and flavours. Available at selected BreadTalk outlets.


Ask many Singaporeans about their favourite go-to place as a child to purchase a birthday cake or baked goods and most would probably answer PrimaDeli. After all these years, you just know you can’t miss out on their Lava Cheese Tarts ($2.40) — a molten cheese core encased in buttery short crust pastry.  Add 40 cents to strike the perfect balance between sweet and savoury with its layer of salted yolk custard. Available at selected PrimaDeli outlets.



Earning its title of “Queen’s Cheese Tart” ($2.60—$3), the Hokkaido-inspired recipe from Antoinette is made from seven different types of cheeses in a combination of cream cheese and mascarpone that rests in a puff pastry cup. Reasonably priced for a premium quality bake, we could not resist the assortment of flavours Antoinette has to offer — Original Vanilla, Grand Cru Chocolate, Matcha, Salted Caramel and Salted Egg. #02-33 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road. Tel: 6836 9527



Not a fan of sweet treats? Slide into the cheesy trend with Hanis’ savoury cheese tarts ($3) that are double the satisfaction, without having to queue. Available at all Hanis outlets and kiosks.


Nigiro Café

Living up to its Japanese-Italian concept, Nigiro Café integrates two of Singapore’s latest food trends to wow us with their creation of the Baked Churros Cheese Tart ($4.80). While the DNA of a baked cheese tart remains the same (except in size), Nigiro Café tops it off with a cinnamon churro that creates a unique taste experience — the best of both worlds. #03-315 Suntec City Mall Tower 1, 3 Temasek Boulevard. Tel: 6238 1669