Our favourite Japanese cat presents a delicious new menu we couldn’t resist.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café certainly goes against the misconception that character cafes serve mediocre food. We went down for a sneak preview of the elegant café’s new menu and were completely blown away by the adorable plating as well as the tip-top quality and taste. If you haven’t pay Hello Kitty a visit yet, you should now. Here are five dishes that we would absolutely trek down to Changi Airport for:

Captain’s Favourite Curry ($18.90)
The Captain’s favourite was certainly our favourite of the day. Following a family recipe from the chief operating officer, this delicious curry is thicker than the usual curry chicken found in Singapore and features juicy chunks of chicken tossed in a sumptuous blend of lemongrass, ginger, chilli and lime leaves. Served with a custom-baked bun in the shaped of Hello Kitty’s favourite fruit, an apple.

Leaning Tower of Kitty ($17.90)
Perfect for brunch is this tasty sandwich that’s served with crisp criss-cut fries. Stuffed between two toasty Japanese bread in the shape of Hello Kitty is a copious amount of smoked salmon, crisp rocket leaves, juicy tomatoes, Japanese cucumber, melted cheese and a tangy homemade mustard mayonnaise which pulled the entire dish together.


Banana Forest ($15.90)
We went bananas over this satisfying sweet treat!   The bananas were presented two ways: caramelised and on its own as well as wrapped in a flaky pastry skin with almond cream. Not cloyingly sweet, the warm, creamy flesh complemented with the creamy vanilla gelato that’s sitting on a bed of crushed Oreos.

Kitty’s Summit ($12.50)
You won’t feel guilty when you tuck into this healthy dessert. Featuring a towering swirl of froyo adorned with edible flower, a generous bed of cheesecake crumble and fresh berries can also be found when you dig deeper. A great last course after a heavy meal, as the refreshing and light flavours of the dish won’t leave you uncomfortably stuffed to the brim.

Staying Afloat ($14.50)
A winner among chocolate lovers is this decadent treat comprising layers of creamy chocolate gelato, chocolate milk, and crushed chocolate bits. Crowning the dish is fluffy whipped cream, vibrant edible flowers as well as a yummy shortbread biscuit. We recommend sharing it if you have a heavy meal before though–the richness of chocolaty goodness can get real heavy.

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden, #01-22 Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, 65 Airport Boulevard.