Japan’s most popular discount store, Don Quijote opens at Orchard Central with an amazing range of Japanese food.

Hailing from Japan, Don Quijote is a chain discount store that is known for housing a wide range of Japanese products under one roof – and it opens in Singapore today! The new Singapore outlet is Don Quijote’s first foray into Asia after more than 350 outlets in Japan, Hawaii and America combined. Not to be confused with the Dempsey Road’s Spanish restaurant of the same name, the two-story hypermart at Orchard Central adopts the moniker of ‘Don Don Donki’, taken directly from its catchy theme song.

Colourful array of sweet Japanese fruits

To get your Japanese food fix, head down to their supermarket in Basement 2 where the delicious aroma from their deli – dishing out meat, fish and ready-to-eat bentos – will draw you in. Traditional Japanese desserts such as mitarashi dango, warabi mochi and ohagi are also available. The colourful assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables on display were a welcome sight after we battled through the opening-day crowd. It can be slightly overwhelming to navigate through the crowds, but the colourful hand-written signs will help guide you on your bargain hunt.

Tuna sashimi selection

Seafood lovers can expect fresh sashimi from Donki’s fish section, with the option of choosing your own whole fish to be sliced upon order! You can satisfy your chirashi bowl cravings with the wide selection of dons available, as well as affordable sushi steals.

Wagyu beef for Shabu Shabu

Cartons of creamy Hokkaido milk

The Hokkaido selection is outstanding, making up a good one-third of the supermarket’s offerings. The array of Hokkaido imports include premium marbled Tochaki beef at a one-time price of only $20 for 100g, and of course, lots and lots of that creamy Hokkaido milk! Dairy fans can also look forward to fresh gelato that is made using Hokkaido milk as well.

You can get your Japanese spirits, beers and wines here.

Shopping for some merry-making? Donki’s got you covered – with an entire retail space dedicated to alcohol! Choose from a selection of Japanese spirits, beers, and wines. Splurge on premium Daiginjou or Suntory Whisky or opt for something more affordable, like the Mitsuboshi Vienna Lager.

Feeling peckish? Head up to Basement 1 for more snacks and confectionary amongst household products, clothes and more. Even if food isn’t your thing, there’s something for everyone at Don Don Donki, with their large range of affordable Japanese cosmetics, kitchenware, and even a pets section.

Don Don Donki sported long queues on its first day but worry not, bargain-hunters, for this 24/7 discount store never closes its doors. Now you know where to go for your next late-night grocery run!

Basement 1 & 2, Orchard Central. Tel: 6443 8556