Are you a big coffee lover with a small budget? Don’t fret, Singapore’s Coffee Festival is here!

Happening this weekend (4-6 Aug) at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre, the Singapore Coffee Festival is back. You can definitely expect tons of caffeinated fun during this three-day festival, including café talks, coffee degustation sessions and more than 100 workshops on subjects such as coffee and chocolate pairing.

You can enjoy the country’s best cafes in one place, serving up piping hot coffees with an extensive selection of food available during the festival. Below are a few of the special blends of coffee and amazing foods to look out for:


Froth’s taro waffle with earl grey ice cream is just what you need when sampling all that coffee makes you crave for something sweet. The crunchy yet soft taro waffle complements the earl grey ice cream with a hint of sweetness. Best to pair it with a hot cuppa and a friend.

Hyde & Co.

Want something more substantial and filling? Hyde & Co. joins Coffee Fest this year with their pulled beef mantou—slow-cooked pulled beef brisket that has soaked up all the goodness of the homemade BBQ sauce. Tangy and slightly sweet, this savoury bite will keep hunger at bay while you’re at the event. Makes the perfect combination with a cup of iced latte.

Huggs Coffee

You won’t want to miss out on Huggs Coffee’s turmeric latte. This café not only serves up excellent pastries and wraps but also a rather special latte—a turmeric latte that is made up of 7 different spices. Turmeric has many health benefits such as its abilities to detoxify and boost your immune system. As the main ingredient in this latte, it gives a rather spicy and addictive kick.


Remember to look out for Antoinette’s famous big and fluffy castella cake with bittersweet strawberry crème chantilly. This Japanese-inspired strawberry shortcake has an airy yet fluffy sponge base drizzled with sweet syrup topped with fresh strawberries for that tangy-sweet finish. Pair it with a hot cup of bitter espresso, which will add layers of flavours to this sweet treat.



Available only during the festival, Garçons has come up with an off-the-menu foie gras poutine. Made from premium foie gras, this refined yet savoury treat will be one of the highlights of the event. Not only does it boost the flavours of the gravy, it also sets off a refreshing explosion in your mouth.

4-6 August 2017. Marina Bay Cruise Centre, 61 Marina Coastal Drive. Get your tickets here.