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Irreverence aside, we’ve got the lowdown on the new buns on the block at Pan Pacific’s gourmet burger joint. They’re serious stuff–dry aged beef patties, a chicken thigh without a bone to pick, and a side of tasty fries in original, smoked or garlic and vinegar ($3 for truffle fries) with a saucer of housemade BBQ sauce. The bistro’s also co-created by 3-star Michelin chef Bruno Menard (who has since moved on) and Déliciae Hospitality Management.

Los Amigos ($23)

No, it’s not the 1973 spaghetti western film by Italian screenwriter and director Paolo Cavara. Instead, its name, which means ‘the friends’ in Mexican, is a dead giveaway for its cuisine muse. It’s easy to warm up to this burger–a thick, juicy premium dry aged beef patty, creamy guacamole (a savoury avocado-based dip first made by the Aztecs), jalapeà±os and double cheese. Rest assured you won’t be jumping from the chilli peppers, so chow down and say delicioso!

The Blue Moon ($23)

Another one for bovine lovers with a bonus of blue cheese. Its name is misleading though; we can’t eat this once in a blue moon with such a tasty combination: a succulent dry aged beef patty with French blue cheese, grilled bacon, lettuce, pickles and mayonnaise. Don’t worry about the blue cheese–you can’t really see those blue veins and its sharpness (some say pong) is barely there. It’s a tame version with just enough salt to kick up the flavours of the meats, with the pickle pleasantly cutting through the richness of the burger.

The Chicken ($18)

It’s a Japanese-inspired delight with perfectly grilled teriyaki boneless chicken leg, served with ample lettuce, rings of raw onion, sesame seeds, tomato slices and lemon mayonnaise. Have your napkin at the ready as this is rather juicy.

If you’re in a large group, another &MADE burger to try is their The 3 Little Pigs ($23)–a squealingly good patty combination of pork fillet, bacon and chorizo that’s paired with spicy yuzu-kosho mayonnaise, shibazuke (a Kyoto specialty pickle), shitake mushrooms and white cabbage. The handsome porkers are dressed in a yummy suit of roasted sesame for your gleeful consumption. There are 10 burgers in all, so take your time or order one of each.

You’ll also notice another eatery when you step into &MADE. That’s sister bistro L’Entrecà´te, and you can also order from them. Go for French classic starters homemade duck foie gras terrine ($21), with sugar glazed onions and grilled buttered poilane bread; escargots de bourgogne ($16), half a dozen snails bathed in parsley butter and garlic; then move on to their signature main course, trimmed Entrecà´te steak with ‘legendary sauce’, golden French fries and a walnut green salad ($29.90). Call out the doneness in French for extra flair: bleu (rare), saignant (medium rare), à point (medium) or bien cuit (well done).


Don’t leave without having dessert. Order the hot caramel lava cake ($15) when you’re nearly done with your meal (15 minutes to prepare) for piping hot ooze that makes you wish you didn’t need to share. Sundaes ($12) come in dark chocolate, caramello and berry; a cool companion to the lollipop waffle ($9) that’s served with caramel, white and dark chocolate sauce; while profiteroles de “L’Entrecà´te” ($14) pair vanilla bean ice cream with hot chocolate sauce. There’s also champagne ($18), beer (from $9) and wine (from $12) as well as mojitos (from $14), frozen margarita ($16), coffee (from $5) and fresh juices ($8) to be had.

Sun-Thu 10am-10pm; Fri-Sat 10am-10.30pm. #01-04-06 Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road. Tel: 6690 7566.

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